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A Woman's Right to Choose Abortion or Birth?

Intellectuals out of touch with their deepest feelings often argue that a woman has a right to choose. The Spirit of Love says if she knew what was really going on beneath all surface appearances, a woman would not have a question of choice.

The issue is innocence.

Look around you and see if you do not live in a world of pain, fear, sickness and death. Look carefully and see how devoid of innocence and full of guilt your world really is. Your world desperately needs every infusion of innocence.

Each child born is a gift of innocence to a world somewhere hurting, bleak and cheerless; a ray of light offering an opportunity one more time to learn the lesson God would have us learn.

A Course in Miracles does not bother trying to define the exact moment a fetus becomes a soul arriving on earth. It simply speaks of arrogance: "Arrogance is the denial of love, because love shares and arrogance withholds. As long as both appear to you to be desirable, the concept of choice, which is not of God, will remain with you."

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"...nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:21)

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grow said...

Its really easy to say abortion is bad or its against some religion but say you were a girl who had just been raped and were pregnant - you should have the choice to choose to keep that baby or not.

A Christian Prophet said...

Any decision made out of emotion or intellectual reasoning will likely not be a decision serving the girl. The answer is to release all fear, anger, and pain; enjoy the freedom of forgiveness; quiet the intellect; and listen to spiritual guidance heard within, what some call the "still small voice." The girl's spiritual inner being knows what will serve her and everyone else.