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"September Dawn," Anti-Mormon Anti-Romney Movie, Deserves Christian Backlash!

The movie "September Dawn" was created to ignite and fan fires of hatred against the Mormon church, and of course by extension against the Presidential candidacy of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who is a Mormon.

"September Dawn" masquerades as a love story but was written and produced to stir judgmental ism, hatred and revenge. The film pretends to expose covered-up facts about an actual historical massacre carried out by Mormons. But it only presents one viewpoint, the version dreamed up by the vengeful and hateful who insist on never forgiving. The movie is an attempt to "get even" by wiping out Mitt Romney's chances of being President of the United States.

But let's look at who is being massacred? Mitt Romney is highly spiritual, as clean and reverent as the best of Christian ministers in every way, and more qualified than any other candidate on the scene to be President of the United States ... true or false? Since Romney cannot be attacked personally other than to label him "too good," or "too perfect," the haters have no choice but to paint his religion as evil ... true or false? Mitt Romney's Rally America!

Who is behind this film's vicious attempt to annihilate Romney's chances? Please don't dismiss it with a wave of the hand and a statement like, "It's just politics! It's something you'd expect from Hillary Clinton." Behind this film is a dark level of consciousness which Hillary, tough as she is, could never bring herself to.

All Christians and well-meaning people everywhere who don't like the feeling of hatred and who like the feeling of standing for what is right should join with Governor Romney and say "No!" to the intent of Christopher Cain (this film's writer, director, and producer) ... and "No!" to the enormous hate and vengeance being fostered by left-wing politics.

"Well, it's okay to paint Mormons as beasts!" No, it's not okay. Because if you allow it, your non-Mormon religious leaders will be next. Or any righteous men and women who feel a calling to work for good in politics will be next. Or you personally will be next.

"September Dawn" is more than propaganda. It is poisonous propaganda disguised as so-called "innocent" historical question asking. Our spiritual preparation device given by Jesus Christ for the 21st Century, A Course in Miracles, says in principle about this kind of questioning:

The world asks but ONE question. It is this: "Of these illusions, which of them are true? Which ones establish peace and offer joy? And which can bring escape from all the pain of which this world is made?" Whatever form the question takes, its purpose is the same. It asks but to ESTABLISH sin is real, and answers in the form of preference. "Which sin do you prefer?" That is the one that you should choose. The OTHERS are not true. What can the body get that you would want the most of all? It is your servant and your friend. But tell it what you want, and it will serve you lovingly and well. And this is NOT a question, for it TELLS you WHAT you want, and WHERE to go to ask for it. It leaves no room to question its beliefs, except that what it states takes question's FORM.

A pseudo-question has no answer. It DICTATES the answer, even as it asks. Thus is all questioning within the world a form of propaganda for itself. Just as the body's witnesses are but the senses from WITHIN itself, so are the answers to the questions of the world contained within the questions. Where answers represent the QUESTIONS they add nothing new, and nothing has been learned. An HONEST question is a learning tool which asks for something that you do NOT know. It does NOT set conditions for response, but merely asks what the RESPONSE should be. And no-one in a conflict state is free to ASK this question, for he does not WANT an honest answer, where the conflict ENDS.

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"...nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:21)

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Kevin said...

You sound like a religious fanatic yourself. "September Dawn...Deserves Christian Backlash?"

You moan about persecution yet you want to lash out at Christianity. And I truly don't believe that the movie is an attempt to ruin Romney's presidential chances. If you do some research on the movie, you may find what inspired Cain to produce it.

But what does any of this have to do with a story of people who savagely murdered without provocation by Mormon fanatics? That is what the point should be. Surely we can all learn from this grave mistake - that is if LDS will stop its suppression and denial of the truth.

A Christian Prophet said...

The point here is that there has been no forgiveness.

The Japanese did some savage things during World War II, and today Christians go to baseball games in America and enjoy Japenese players.

It is not a Christian virtue to dwell in the past and hold grievances over events that happened over 150 years ago.

It is a Christian value to forgive and forget, which is what all Christian leaders should be counseling with respect to Mormons.

Right now I see Mormons acting more Christ-like than my fellow Born-again Christians. Christ does not hold grievances and He does not guide men to make movies designed to fan fires of hatred.

Jens Hegg said...

I take issue with this being a left-wing smear. You really believe that several years ago when the film was first set on it's course to production Christopher Cain was so worried about a Romney campaign that he decided to release it on this date? Romney wasn't even on the radar. He is still hardly on the radar of the average left-winger. I doubt the motive you present. If anything it is the Christian ocnservatives who would want to use this movie to smear Romney, they seem to be set on doing it as you have pointed out.

As for this discussion of forgiveness...We constantly watch and produce WWII movies with Japanese as the villians. I don't think as many people hold a grudge agaist the Mormons as you think. Very few even know this massacre existed. Talking of forgiveness on the public stage, for a massacre most of the public doesn't even know about, is a bit odd in my eyes.

On a completely unrelated note, I thought your intro to Course in Miracles in this post was a bit presumptuous.

"Our spiritual preparation device given by Jesus Christ for the 21st Century, A Course in Miracles, says in principle about this kind of questioning:"

The Bible was given by God, but did Jesus really give this self help book to anyone? It smacks of attributing more divine influence than I think is possible to state it that way. Jesus' teachings may have inspired it, but I don't think that falls into the category of divine inspiration. That would put it in league with the Bible, wouldn't it?

BTW I haven't figured it out. Are you selling this book or were you just inspired by it?

A Christian Prophet said...

Jens, you are right in that the movie might not have been conceived specifically to hurt Romney.

But consider the mindset that would make such a vengeful movie.

Yes, until you have actually read A Course in Miracles you would think it presumptuous of anyone to believe that a book you like to minimize by calling a "self-help" book actually came from Jesus.

Obtain a copy of A Course in Miracles, read the Manual for Teachers, do the lessons ... and see what happens.

Jens Hegg said...

So why say in your post that it is a left wing smear on Romney? I agree that, if what you say is true, the movie is in poor taste and comes from some bit of vengeance towards Mormons. That doesn't excuse using it to falsely accuse the left of something that isn't true regarding Romney, especially given evidence in your own posts that it is the right, not the left, that would more likely be to blame. After all, don't you routinely denegrate the left for being too tolerant of monority groups?

You are smart enough to choose your words wisely before typing them. In this case I think you failed.

So Jesus took control of someones hands and wrote it? Doesn't that sort of divine inspiration mean that it should then be put into the canon next to the other biblical books? I won't question that he might have inspired it through his teaching, but direct inspiration?

kathy said...

so, i am surfing the net this morning, and i come across some article on an independant film that does not paint the mormon church in a good light. well, no surprise there, but it IS a surprise to read that i am considered "peculiar" because i am mormon (from someone's quote - "a peculiar people").
i have to laugh... such a misunderstood religion. what is peculiar, anyway?
ok, i go to church on sunday (well, MOST of the time - there are the occasional sunday's that we have been known to sleep in or go camping instead).
i don't cuss...well, except when i'm really, really mad! or if i stub my toe on the leg of my bed. or if i missed the first ten minutes of american idol. or maybe if my dog craps in the house...ok, you get the point.
really people, we are not peculiar.
i like to go boating or take the wave-runner out on a sunny saturday.
i like to go dancing on friday night with my husband.
i regularly watch "big love" on HBO. yes, it's a guilty pleasure, but i, too, am curious about the lives polygamists lead! that's right - real mormon's do not have more than one wife! although, i could see how sometimes that could come in handy. but i don't think my husband could handle twice the amount of b*tching. and we would have to pick a woman that didn't like sex - because i would get it every night if i could! that's right - i am a mormon woman and i like sex. ok, i love sex. there, i said it.
my favorite songs right now are "makes me wonder" by maroon 5 and "glamorous" by fergie. no - i don't just listen to church hymns, but i do sing them when i'm at church.
i am Christian - yes, we believe in Christ and we do not worship joseph smith or brigham young.
my husband served a mission in georgia, but he was also in the marines for 8 years.
yes, we live in utah, but we both grew up in california. as a teenager, i was a cheerleader in northern CA and he was a surfer in southern CA. we met when i moved to utah to be closer to my parents (who ended up moving to oregon - curse them!!).
yes, i have a book of mormon. if you have never opened one - they are pretty darn similar to the bible in the way they read. in fact - here is a scripture from the book of mormon relating to "persecution" - which most religions seem to suffer nowadays.
Helaman, chapter 3, verses 33 & 34 -
33. and in the fifty and first year, there was peace, save it were the pride which began to enter into the church - not into the church of God, but into the hearts of the people who professed to belong to the church of God -
34. and they were lifted up in pride, even to the persecution of many of their brethren, which did cause the more humble part of the people to suffer great persecutions, and to wade through much affliction.
you see, the mormon church as a whole cannot control the actions of the people belonging to it. any person of any religion can commit any evil act, as did those so called "mormons" who massacred the wagon train as depicted in "september dawn".
there are fanatics in every church, in every religion.
but the truth is, most mormons are like me! do i really seem that "peculiar" to you?

A Christian Prophet said...

Hi Jens!

Certainly you are correct from your point of view. I will say that although I can always choose my words more carefully, my concept of leftism is far broader than yours and includes philosophers and professors, etc.

As for A Course in Miracles being part of the accepted Bible, maybe that will come to pass.

azeva said...

It's history!!! We have movies about history every day! I am a history NUT, and I don't believe anyone should ever be afraid of it. This movie DOES NOT slam anyone alive today!!! And certainly NOT Mitt Romney. If he's as wonderful as your lead piece seems to say, he'll weather the storm. And if any of you are Christian, then ask yourself how many things were done in this planet's history that were done in the name of god, but were discusting in the light of our Creator's love? WOW! I could name hundreds. Are you afraid of them being told???