"There is nothing which cannot be forgiven!"

Holding grievances certainly has to be the most pain-producing, health-destroying, relationship-dissolving practice humans have invented. Innumerable wars, murders, destructive vendettas, courtroom fights, and relationship breakdowns have resulted from holding grievances.

Lives are ruined by holding grievances.

When grievances are held in mind, no one gains. Even if the person holding a grievance manages to feel temporary satisfaction when a comeuppance takes place, the damage from holding the grievance far outweighs the temporary satisfaction.

Grievances are killers.

Letting go of grievances is potentially the most natural mind action possible. We are born without grievances. We die without grievances. We become enlightened without grievances. Being free of grievances is totally natural.

Yet as natural as it may be to hold no grievances, it may not be easy to let go of a particular grievance in an emotionally charged situation. Letting go may take a very firm decision. Nonetheless since being without grievances is my natural state, when I do decide to let go of a grievance I have all the strength in the universe working to that end.

A powerful key for my success in relationship is the firm decision to let go of any and all grievances quickly ... as quickly as I might notice them in my mind. This is known as "forgiveness," and there is nothing impossible to forgive because letting go is merely a choice.

This week I train my mind to let go of any and all grievances.

Upon awakening each day I devote a minimum 20 minute meditation period to scanning my mind for grievances. The first one or two may not require much searching because any powerfully present grievances will be fed to me automatically by my subconscious mind.

With each grievance that comes to mind I will decree the following statement as many times as it takes or as long as it takes for the grievance to substantially weaken or disappear:

"Holding this grievance is not my natural state. There is nothing that cannot be forgiven, so this too I release."

The idea is to say this aloud over and over until I feel forgiveness happening. The sound vibration created by the "chanting" cleans out negative energy and I then more easily get in-touch with my spirit deep inside which releases and forgives automatically.

During the day I take a few minutes each hour to monitor my progress. Did I release any grievances during the last hour? If so, how did it feel to release? What were the results? Did I catch myself holding onto any grievances during the last hour? If so, I rededicate myself by using the statement:

"Holding this grievance is not my natural state. There is nothing that cannot be forgiven, so this too I release."

At the end of the day I give some final daily thought to forgiveness.

People who have had near-death experiences almost always report something like: "When I knew I was dying, all the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. Nothing on earth mattered any longer. Absolutely total forgiveness was automatic."

What if I could train my ego, the part of me which likes to hold grievances, to "die" every moment in the sense of "expand into light" every moment? What if I could make that choice?

Before sleeping I say one last time for the day a statement reflecting this week's lesson, such as:

"My relationships are safe because there is nothing which cannot be forgiven."

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"Nothing can upset me if I am seeing clearly!"

There is a course in miracles which teaches that we are never upset for the reason we think, but rather because we are seeing something that is not there. In other words, our perception gives rise to our upsets, but our perception is never clear, always distorted by past learning.

More specifically, this particular course in miracles teaches that our thoughts (including subconscious thoughts) determine everything we see, that the world literally rearranges itself to show us what we expect to see ... something like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Whether I would go that far or not, I have to agree that my state of mind based on past learning affects my seeing. So the question is: what if there was a way to see clearly without distortion?

That's a little like asking: "What if I could live in heaven while still on earth?"

An impossible goal? As impossible as it might seem, enlightened spiritual teachers tell us that clear seeing is not only possible but inevitable. Because seeing with the distortion of past learning is not our natural state and our natural state is always craving to be reestablished.

This week I take a giant step toward eliminating upsets in my life by training my mind to always see things differently than I might at first be tempted to see things.

An old spiritual teaching story tells of a man who always saw things differently than his neighbors. When apparently disastrous things were happening and his neighbors were sad and anguished, his attitude could almost be heard saying: "Yes, but if not for this ... sprouts of future good would not be germinating." When apparently wonderful things were happening and his neighbors were rejoicing with excitement, his calm attitude would seem to say: "Yes, but if not for this ... seeds of future trouble would not be planted."

The man in this story did not get upset because he knew there are always an infinite number of energies working invisibly. He kept in mind that situations we are tempted to call "good" always contain the seeds of what we would be tempted to call "bad," and vice versa. He remembered constantly that things are never what they appear to be.

What state of mind would have me reacting to situations with no upset at all, maybe even clearer than the man in the spiritual story?

I would have to have know that whatever is happening, it cannot hurt who I really am or reach to where I really live. After all, I am a spiritual being.

My goal this week is to train my mind to think not as my human nature thinks but as my spiritual nature thinks. To this end I start each day this week by decreeing for a minimum of 15 minutes:

"Nothing affects who I REALLY am and where I REALLY live, so no upset gains a foothold in my mind."

If I have time to decree this for more than 15 minutes each morning, so much the better. I want to say this so many times that it becomes "etched into" the nervous pathways of my brain.

During the day this week I use this statement like a mantra, saying it in my mind while I'm driving, while I'm showering, while I'm gardening ... every moment when I don't need the full attention of my mind to focus on other things.

"Nothing affects who I REALLY am and where I REALLY live, so no upset gains a foothold in my mind."

At the end of the day I review my progress. Were there times when I was tempted to be upset, but I remembered who I really am? How did that feel and what were the results?

I let my subconscious mind give me a number from 1 to 100 representing the percentage of how far I still have to go to become clear in my seeing. I dedicate myself to decreeing this statement for the same number of minutes the next morning. If I'm still 30% unclear, I decree the next day for 30 minutes. If I'm still 20% unclear, I decree the next day for 20 minutes.

Before falling to sleep I say to myself one last statement for the day, reaching deep inside to where I really mean it:

"I'm glad I'm choosing to see clearly! For me upset is set down!"

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