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Real Change, Not Barack Obama's "Change"

"Your past learning must have taught you the wrong things, simply because it has not made you happy. On this basis alone, its value should be questioned. If learning aims at change, and that is always its purpose, are you satisfied with the changes yours has brought you? Dissatisfaction with the learning outcome must be a sign of learning failure, because it means that you did not get what you want." ~ Jesus Christ

Barack Obama cannot bring positive change. His mindset is a product of immoral and failed socialist philosophy in cahoots with corrupt and brutal unionism. He can lead the United States into bureaucratic slavery and the pain and fear of union thugs controlling people's lives. But increased bureaucracy and unionism is not real change. It is an escalation of the breakdown. Do not let Obama fool you. The only hope he offers is hell.

Obama's early teachers and friends have been communists and other Marxists (See: Barack Obama's Communist Friend and Guru). He is a believer in "Liberation Theology," which blames a free society for unjustly victimizing people and causing lack. Therefore, he worships government programs and government control. Society cannot be allowed to be free. People must not taste true freedom.

It's not that Obama is a fool. He's merely been well-indoctrinated and never questioned the source of his brainwashing or the root premises of Marxism. His thinking is stuck in a box outside of which he cannot see.

To see outside the box that has been constructed by public education and the unions who control public education, Americans have to turn to thinkers who can see a broader perspective, like Newt Gingrich.

Newt Gingrich's latest book Real Change is the result of looking open-mindedly at history and honestly admitting what doesn't work. "America is broken," as Mitt Romney would say, and Newt Gingrich sees it clearly, just as you see it when you are honest with yourself.

When a society is seriously deteriorating, something entirely new needs to be tried, not merely heavier socialism and additional unionism as Obama proposes. Newt Gingrich sees answers, some really new directions that his knowledge of history tells him would work far better than government as we know it, government as Obama worships it. His book is very much worth reading. ( Also see: Republican Liberty Revolution)

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1 comment:

Darlene said...

Amen! I want Hillary Change, not Obama Change. This article is right on. If Obama is the nominee, we will need God more than ever.... he will be the only one who could help us.