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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 51

"Deep and careful inner hearing solves every problem!"

This course has repeatedly emphasized the value of quieting my mind and listening inside to spiritual (heart and soul) guidance. Some lessons have even given me practice using simple inner hearing techniques. At least one lesson has indicated that just as my success in any endeavor depends on the depth of my desire ... so it is with inner hearing.

If I ask for clear inner hearing with all my heart and soul ... it will certainly develop.

I am nearing the end of this course and at the end of any good spiritual course there should be a lesson that says something like, "Now it's up to you, but your inner voice is going to guide you perfectly in every respect if you will just listen to it." One could say that at the end of the course the student is to some degree breaking new ground independently ... but never alone.

If I trust that inner hearing is always there for me with very specific guidance throughout the day ... the inner voice will be there for me.

This second-to-last lesson of the course reemphasizes that not only does inner hearing enhance every relationship and every aspect of my life, but it is the great rescuer ... pulling me up out of every problem, mess, or disaster I cause myself to get into when I haven't listened inside. There is no problem I can get myself into that inner hearing cannot solve.

Many books about spiritual seekers from all traditions ... New Age, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Christian, Native American, every tradition ... have true stories about the miraculous results of following one's inner voice. One excellent source of such true stories is the web site of the Holy Instant Christian Church, a church highly devoted to inner hearing. I can learn much by suspending any judgments I have about Christian language and clicking on the following: Inner Hearing Stories

If I were to be taught one skill which would get me through life as if I were the luckiest angel, so to speak, that one skill would be hearing clearly the voice of my spirit.

Fortunately there are inner hearing teachers on earth ... not very many really good ones, but I need only one. My first priority if I really, really, really want clear inner hearing should be to work personally with one of these teachers, perhaps one of the teachers at the Holy Instant Church mentioned above.

If it's possible to encourage myself any more than I am already encouraged to listen inside and follow the instructions of my inner spirit, let this be the week to cheer myself on.

Each day upon awakening I enthusiastically decree for 10 minutes:

"Today I turn to my inner hearing for the solution of every problem."

My inner voice will always guide me to act with love, since my heart is greatly involved in my guidance. Yet my guidance will also sometimes challenge me to do things I might not enjoy doing, since my soul is guiding me to breakthroughs and to spiritual clarity.

During the day this week each hour I stop everything for 5 minutes, quiet my intellect, and listen to a place inside myself which is telling me to be at peace and guiding me specifically. I make a sincere attempt to hear my inner voice clear as a bell for at least 5 minutes each hour.

At the end of each day I allow myself a longer period, perhaps as long as 20 minutes, to listen inside. I specifically ask myself deep inside about any relationship situations about which I might need greater clarity.

I rejoice when I hear direction inside myself and trust that following such direction always leads to every one's highest good.

Before sleeping I say to myself a few times a statement which reflects this week's lesson:

"Yes, inner hearing solves every problem! How fortunate I am!"

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