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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 47

"My superb health keeps my relationships vital!"

Occasionally this course has referred to adverse health effects resulting from certain kinds of thinking or attitudes. Health benefits from learning to think differently have been mentioned.

Now it's time to thoroughly recognize that relationships are a million times smoother for healthy people than for people who are suffering health disorders. Healthy people live more fully, enjoy life more, and uplift those around them with their positive vibrations. Unhealthy people are a sometimes a drag to be around and often pull their relationships into the dumps.

Since the goal of this course and my goal is healthy, vibrant relationships, it makes sense for me to dedicate myself to the highest level of health possible.

In addition to the many, many health benefits that accrue from spiritual living there are four physical factors that keep me in safe health:

SAFE = Sunlight, Air, Food, Exercise.

Am I getting enough sunlight, fresh air, exercise? Outdoor sports, hiking, or even long vigorous walks in a city which doesn't have too much smog serves my health tremendously. Muscle stretching exercises like those in hatha yoga keep all body cells energized.

If I haven't yet researched the benefits of natural foods, vegetarian diet (no meat), or vegan diet (no meat or dairy), I vow to visit a library or natural food store this week and begin reading on these subjects. This is my week for really getting my health program going in the right direction.

Of course nothing moves my health in the right direction more than simply decreeing and visualizing myself in perfect health. So this week each day upon awakening, I will devote my 15 minute decree session to using this statement:

"I am young and strong and healthy in every way. My body, mind, and being are perfectly functioning!"

I say this aloud over and over, ignoring any ailments I might be aware of and allowing myself to believe in my health as much as possible. Any suggestions for better health which come to mind during my decreeing session, I determine to follow through on.

Since I really am trying to make this a self-fulfilling prophecy, I stay alert all day during the day for signs and signals from the universe. I will literally be shown what I need to do to improve my health to a level of perpetual perfection.

If during the day I am reminded that I haven't been thinking about my decree, I get back into it with another 5 minutes of decreeing:

"I am young and strong and healthy in every way. My body, mind, and being are perfectly functioning!"

At the end of the day I spend 10 or 15 minutes meditating, listening within to any health advice my inner voice may have for me at this time. Maybe I'll be told, "Don't eat so much cooked food," or "You don't need to use alcohol (or tobacco, or coffee) and it's not good for you." I make a conscious dedication to following instructions as heard inside.

Before falling to sleep I say to myself a statement of gratitude and joy such as:

"Yes, by my life and my love of it, I really enjoy how healthy I am!"

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