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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 42

"I stay grounded and my relationships stay high!"

There is nothing quite like being in relationship with an ungrounded person. It's like being in relationship with the person in the moon. Now you see your partner ... now you don't. Now you can count on your partner ... now you can't. Now you understand your partner ... now you are mystified.

"Grounding" means more in this context than "being practical." A person can be for the most part very practical and yet ungrounded, although being ungrounded does tend to push one over the cliff sometimes into impractical words and actions.

In relationship context "grounding" means being willing to live in all one's energy centers as contrasted with living in one or two head and shoulder centers.

We all know what we mean when we refer to someone as "flighty" or "spaced out." Some of us can even almost see the energy of "flighty." For example, if a psychic were to look at a flighty person's aura there would be an overabundance of energy in the head and shoulders area and a distinct lacking of energy down around the feet. The person's aura would look top heavy, as if it would take only the touch of a finger to topple the person over.

Being ungrounded means having an energy vacuum in the lower reaches of one's aura. Since nature abhors a vacuum, when one is ungrounded one's lower energy spaces quickly fill up with energies (often negative) from outside oneself. If I find myself filling up with negative energies there is a good chance that subconsciously I'm letting myself do this in order to ground myself the hard way. It's every bit as effective as stubbing my toe, dropping mustard on my coat, or sticking my foot in my mouth.

In fact, it can almost be stated as a principle:

"If I'm ungrounded, I'm asking for trouble ... because trouble brings me back to earth very quickly."

This week my task is to learn to become grounded and stay grounded in a safe, effective way to the best of my ability.

Each day this week upon awakening I allow myself at least 10 minutes of meditation time during which I visualize a pillar of the strongest possible marble permanently attached to the base of my spine and pulling me down to the center of the earth, where it is also permanently attached.

I try to feel this pillar pulling me to the earth and holding me solidly. The meditation works better if I am sitting or standing because then I can also feel the earth pulling on my feet like a magnet.

This exercise is not so far-fetched because in a way the earth really is a magnet and in fact gravity does try to hold us to the earth. By visualizing myself being grounded, I'm just more consciously helping along a process that is happening anyway.

During the day I try to feel my feet connected to the earth when walking or sitting, as if attached by Velcro. Every hour I monitor myself to see if I've been holding my grounding. If I've lost my grounding, I visualize the pillar again and say aloud to myself about 20 times:

"I am deeply, deeply grounded and I do not pull my grounding up from the center of the earth!"

At the end of each day this week, I again take a meditation break, this time to review my progress. How did it feel when I stayed grounded during the day? How did it feel when I became ungrounded? If I had an accident of some sort during the day or a relationship blunder, was I ungrounded during the time leading into the accident or blunder?

Finally, before going to sleep for the day I might say to myself one more time the statement of this week's lesson:

"I love staying grounded! It keeps my relationships high!"

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