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While Obama Fantasizes, Clinton Gets Real

Hillary Clinton could easily win the Democratic nomination and become the greatest heroine of all Americans by exposing Obama's world view. It would have make it her speech, but covering principles something like these:

Ladies and gentlemen, in a Presidential campaign particular issues are important, but not as important as a candidate's overall character. And although character is very important, a candidate's view of the world, a candidate's sense of life, is even more important.

So today I am not going to talk about particular issues. Barack Obama and I are not miles apart on issues anyway.

Nor am I going to talk about character. Barack Obama and I are equally human. We both do our best to serve everyone's highest good as we see it to the best of our ability.

Today I am going to talk about the one huge difference between Barack Obama and me, where we are really millions of miles apart: our world view, the way we see the world.

This can best be understood in terms of theology. Whereas I do my best to see the world through the eyes of the American Founding Fathers and hopefully Jesus Christ of the Gospels, Barack Obama sees the world through the eyes of Karl Marx and James Cone, through the lens of a modern attempt to redefine Christianity called: "Liberation Theology."

Let me emphasize some of the differences between Liberation Theology and the Christianity I know.

In the Christianity I know, salvation starts with INDIVIDUALS. Only an individual can accept Christ and come to enjoy the experience of heaven. In Barack Obama's Liberation Theology it is white capitalism that is the prime sinner, while individuals are seen as sinful only if they fail to resist and attempt to overthrow white capitalism. In this world view, the main sinner has to be not saved but overthrown, and there is total denial as to all the tremendous benefits capitalism has given to mankind over the years.

In the Christianity I know, "liberation" comes from changing one's heart and mind so that pain, fear, guilt, grievances and violence are released ... and life in this world is seen as a wonderful opportunity. But in Barack Obama's Liberation Theology, violence is justified if committed by the so-called "oppressed" in their struggle to free themselves of white capitalist "oppression." No liberationist ever notices that under capitalism, we have free choice to work or not to work, to buy or not to buy, to move from job to job or not, and to create our own lifestyle as we choose.

I'll tell you right now, to look at the world upside-down and refer to such freedom with the label "oppression" is insanity.

In the Christianity I know, opening to the Kingdom of Heaven is a here and now INDIVIDUAL EXPERIENCE, available to every individual regardless of race or social status, and brought about by voluntary willingness. And we Christians have trust and confidence that when the Kingdom of Heaven is finally opened to by a majority of people, a very wonderful peaceful and loving social order will automatically result.

In Barack Obama's Liberation Theology, a new social order has to be brought about by political activism and government force used against perceived "oppressors." No liberationist ever sees, as the American Founding Fathers clearly saw, that in a free society only the government can oppress and get away with it.

Deep underneath all these theological differences is a world view.

Most Democrats, and in fact most people everywhere, see the spirit of each individual is free, and see freedom as a blessing. Barack Obama looks at free men and women making choices in a free market and sees some of them as being "oppressed," as if personal responsibility for one's free choices is just too much to ask.

Most Democrats, and in fact just about all people, see individuals as capable of making choices and fortunate to be free to learn from mistakes ... a trust-filled sense of life shared by America's Founding Fathers.

Barack Obama sees individuals as burdened by free choice and oppressed by the need to learn from mistakes.

There is an old saying, “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime." Barack Obama says, "Give a man a fish or teach a man to fish ... either way it doesn't matter. That man will be the victim of oppression as long as white capitalism exists and others have more than he has."

Most Democrats say if a person has been subjected to force or fraud, the government already has laws against force and fraud. As a mainstream Democrat, I will always uphold such laws. But if a person has not been subjected to force or fraud, then there is no oppression. Sticks and stones can break people's bones, but words can never hurt them ... unless they want to feel hurt. And that's the world view Barack Obama is trying to sell you. The illusion of oppression.

You don't have to believe me when I tell you about Barack Obama's world view. Google "Liberation Theology." Google "Black Liberation Theology." Read for yourself.

Ladies and gentlemen, you need a President who sees clearly, not a President who sees illusory boogy men.

That is the difference between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

One final sentiment. This great nation is blessed by God ... blacks and whites and Asian-Americans and spanish speakers and every individual. You are blessed by God. Even Barack Obama is blessed by God ... which he will discover as he gets older and gives up grievances and insane ideas.

If you elect me to serve you, I will never for a moment forget God's everlasting blessings. And I will join you in prayer that all men and women everywhere make individual decisions that will lift them out of pain, fear and guilt, anger and grievances forever.

Thank you. And thank God for this great nation.

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"Miracles make time and tide wait for all men. They can heal the sick and raise the dead because man himself made both death and taxes, and can abolish both." ~ Jesus Christ (A Course in Miracles)

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