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Nothing Compares To The Holy Relationship

"We were very different people. She was seven years older than I, we came from different racial backgrounds, had very different pasts and held different goals for our lives. Despite these differences, I literally experienced her as my Self. What shocked me most was the Self reflected in her was not the self I was used to identifying with. Until this experience, I understood the idea of seeing myself in another to mean looking for some commonality in our egos and focusing on that instead of our differences. This experience taught me that our bodies, our egos, this world can’t even touch Heaven.

"It was a shift in perception so profound that it threw me for years. In the holy relationship, the other does not complete you, but rather is your Wholeness. You are not half of a whole with another, you are both exactly the same. You are One and you are aware of it.

"The holy relationship is the most important experience the Course uses to teach you your True Identity. The words I have used to describe it to you fall short of the experience. There is nothing to compare it to in this world. Yet it is the goal of all relationships."   --Liz Cronkhite

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