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How To Find Yourself Totally Loving

What if you were sitting quietly in your favorite chair some evening and you said to yourself, "I really want to be a totally loving person.  What do I have to do to be totally, totally loving?"  Suddenly a thought popped into mind, but you knew it wasn't you thinking. And the thought said:

"Everything is just exactly as it should be!"

It's one viewpoint to see all kinds of things going wrong in the world.

It's a very different viewpoint to grasp that everything is working together for a perfect outcome in every situation everywhere.

Which of these ways you choose to see things is going to largely determine your emotional state, true or false?

If you see things in a positive light, you are going to feel wonderful. If you see things from a negative point of view, you are going to be dragged down by anger, fear, or whatever other emotion you are generating for yourself that feels like hell.

Certainly heaven is here and now ... or hell is here and now ... depending on how you are viewing things.

Therefore what you really want to do is always see things in a positive light so you feel great and your good vibrations affect everyone around me in a positive way.

But how do you see things in a positive light
always, no matter what?

You do this by re-training your mind to focus away from negative viewpoints. You train yourself to
know that everything is just exactly as it should be.

This takes some explanation.

What if all we can see is the very little tip of the iceberg while the big giant foundation of the iceberg is not visible to us? So let's say we can see maybe 5% of what is
really going on, while 95% of what is really going on is not something we can see or make a judgment about.

Now there are two possibilities. Either all these 95% hidden inter-meshing gears of the universe are working together for the highest good and everything is just exactly the way it should be, or ... the universe follows no rhyme or reason.

The universe is orderly or not, can be trusted or not.

Science and religion both tell us there are natural laws, universal laws at work which can be trusted. If that's true, then everything is just exactly as it should be.

One advantage of knowing that everything is just exactly as it should be is that you can relax and enjoy life. Sure there are going to be pains if you or others temporarily step "off course." Since pain is one of the universe's course-correction devices, even pain can be seen as part of the universe working together for every one's highest good.

A second advantage of knowing that everything is just exactly as it should be is that others around me don't have to be manipulated or resisted in any way. They are free ... and that makes for marvelous relationships.

So now is the time to learn to direct your mind away from seeing negatively.

To start each day on the right note, as you awaken say to yourself slowly and meaningfully at least 25 times over the statement:

"Everything is just exactly as it should be."

During each day take a mini-break each hour to close your eyes, take a few deep relaxing breaths, and again say to yourself this statement for a full 5 minutes:

"Everything is just exactly as it should be."

Finally, at the end of each day ask your mind to give you memories of any negative emotions which arose during the day and the situations involved. While each such memory is in mind say aloud a few times, speaking directly to the memory:

"Everything is just exactly as it should be."

It's pretty hard to not be totally loving if you are seeing as God sees, wouldn't you say?

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