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Am I Allowing My Fulfillment?

"Whatever I REALLY need is what I have!"

I might think my needs are for success, recognition, money ... while my soul might really need the peace of a quiet existence on the edge of civilization. Someone else who thinks a slow-moving autonomous existence is ideal might really need to become the center of attention in a great whirlwind of world-changing activity.

As one famous spiritual course teaches, I don't really know what is in my own best interests.

After I've pursued what I think are my best interests a few times and been shown by the universe that none of these pursuits satisfied my soul, the idea might dawn on me that the universe knows better than my own thinking mind what is good for me.

Then I become teachable and surrendered to the guidance of the universe. Some might call it "flowing with the flow." Life becomes a lot easier and more enjoyable.

The primary reason why flowing with the flow is so enjoyable is that the universe is always providing me with what I really need. Somewhere in the depths of my soul, hidden from my conscious mind, I have awareness of my real needs and my soul is capable of rejoicing even when I'm going through a soul lesson which is painful to my ego.

Regarding painful lessons, the same famous spiritual course teaches that all things are lessons God would have me learn. Whatever one's concept of "God," even if one is an atheist, it's easy to conceive that everything one is going through, even the painful stuff, is teaching.

For illustration, I can think of my soul as a blind navigator feeling its way along. Everything in life that I experience as "right on" indicates to me I'm on course. Everything that is painful or doesn't seem to work.... "Oops! Time for a course correction!"

Finally when I've seen clearly how the universe teaches and guides me, I have no choice but to conclude that the learning of my soul is right on schedule. Whatever I really need is what I have.

To integrate this new way of thinking, I want to start each day with a long meditation during which I allow my subconscious mind to give me mental pictures of all kinds of situations where I think I need something. With each such picture, I slowly, deliberately say, "But the truth is.... what I really need I already have."

All throughout each day I continue to watch for times when I lapse into thinking I need something I don't have. When I catch such lapses, I say to my mind:

"No! Whatever I REALLY need ... is what I have!"

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