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List of Lessons for Achieving Wonderful Relationships

Lesson 1: "I deserve a relationship which seems like heaven on earth."
Lesson 2: "I am fully capable of creating a perfect relationship."
Lesson 3: "First happiness, then a relationship."
Lesson 4: "My commitment to my own happiness brings me the relationship I want."
Lesson 5: "It does NOT take two to tango!"
Lesson 6: "I TOTALLY commit to creating a perfect relationship!"
Lesson 7: "Nothing brings better relationships than my own spiritual opening!"
Lesson 8: "I surround myself with natural heart and soul opening partners!"
Lesson 9: "For me, there are not a lot of fish in the sea!"
Lesson 10: "I am lifting up the entire earth!"
Lesson 11: "My perfect relationship serves a higher purpose!"
Lesson 12: "There is nothing I need do but wait...and see what happens!"
Lesson 13: "Signs and signals are everywhere!"
Lesson 14: "Whatever I REALLY need is what I have!"
Lesson 15: "By giving of my heart and soul I sustain oneness!"
Lesson 16: "My joy brings me what I really want!"
Lesson 17: "Self-honesty brings me what I really, really want!"
Lesson 18: "I look away from my ego and toward my spirit for guidance!"
Lesson 19: "My good comes from one source only,I am staying in-touch with source!"
Lesson 20: "My open heart heals relationships!"
Lesson 21: "Free of guilt, my relationship thrives!"
Lesson 22: "Replacing worry with trust gives me the relationship I want!"
Lesson 23: "I burn up anger before it burns up my relationship!"
Lesson 24: "Free of fear, my relationship glows!"
Lesson 25: "I agree quickly and my relationship is healed!"
Lesson 26: "By helping others to joyous relationships my own blossoms!"
Lesson 27: "I imagine the world taking a quantum leap into happier relationships!"
Lesson 28: "My spirituality enhances all my relationships!"
Lesson 29: "Meditation nourishes my relationships!"
Lesson 30: "With careful listening I heal my relationship!"
Lesson 31: "I have no need to be right, so relationships are easy and fun!"
Lesson 32: "My inner peace heals all relationships!"
Lesson 33: "Everything is just exactly as it should be!"
Lesson 34: "I fill my life with heart and soul opening partners!"
Lesson 35: "I expect miracles and they happen all around me!"
Lesson 36: "I practice feeling the spirit of others!"
Lesson 37: "Relationships are not what they seem to be!"
Lesson 38: "I do not jump eagerly into solving new relationship problems!"
Lesson 39: "It's okay with me if my relationship does not last forever!"
Lesson 40: "The only tightrope I walk is the peace line!"
Lesson 41: "I do not ignore eternal relationship truths!"
Lesson 42: "I stay grounded and my relationships stay high!"
Lesson 43: "I see my relationship partner now ... with no past!"
Lesson 44: "My relationships are clean of harmful fantasies!"
Lesson 45: "There is nothing which cannot be forgiven!"
Lesson 46: "Nothing can upset me if I am seeing clearly!"
Lesson 47: "My superb health keeps my relationships vital!"
Lesson 48: "My relationship is served by enlightened self-interest!"
Lesson 49: "My relationships are out of this world when I am serving others!"
Lesson 50: "My relationships are enhanced by spiritual teachers and books!"
Lesson 51: "Deep and careful inner hearing solves every problem!"
Lesson 52: "The end is in sight!"

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