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Mitt Romney: Best Problem Solver?

"Miracle working" and "libertarian": two expressions of open-mindedness!

Strangely, many libertarians find the candidacy of Mitt Romney to be repugnant. This may be because they haven't looked into the man deeply enough, so they probably see him with hidden temptation to closed-minded off-hand dismissal ... "just another government-worshipping statist." What is weird about this surface-level perception is that the actually proven government-worshipping statists, Democrats who love the ideals of socialism and favor dictatorship "for the common good," (their idea of common good) are scared to death of facing Mitt Romney in the next general election, as evidenced by their frenzied attacks on him and their underhanded attempts to belittle him early in the game.

So if a libertarian wants to claim open-mindedness, there is no choice but to ask: "Why are dictatorial Democrats so afraid of Mitt Romney?"

After looking more deeply at the overall man, it is easy to see the main reason Democrats become frantic with fear over the thought of Mitt Romney in a position of influence. Governor Romney is willing to consider libertarian possibilities.

Romney is neither a Marxist-agenda-driven "progressive liberal" or a closed-minded big-government conservative. His historical modus operandi, which he used to restore to health many bed-ridden companies as well as the terminally ill 2002 Winter Olympics, is to gather into a room all sorts of experts from all kinds of fields and "lock them up," so to speak, until they reach a unanimous consensus as to what is the best possible solution given the circumstances ... usually a solution nobody thought of as a possibility before they entered the room, a result of Romney's insistence on open-mindedness.

Hmmm ... wisdom dictates that libertarian solutions are the best possible solutions, true or false?

Inevitably, the solution which emerges from Romney's demand for finding the one right answer is either:
1) An outright libertarian-leaning solution, or
2) A solution with strong components of voluntarism and individual responsibility, as opposed to heavy-handed state involvement.

This was the case with the health insurance program passed in Massachusetts. The overwhelmingly Democratic Massachusetts legislature was absolutely determined to pass socialized medical insurance for the state. Governor Romney knew the Democratic dictators had enough votes to pass some kind of state mandated and state operated medical insurance ... and then override his veto, since he would veto it. Given these circumstances, choosing to fight against mandated health insurance was a losing option. So Romney gathered all the experts he could find, "locked them in a room," and they eventually came up with a plan that, yes, was mandated (so legislators would go along), but not socialistic in the sense of having the Massachusetts government run the whole show. They preserved voluntary choice at the provider level, and they preserved free market participation.

Not really a true libertarian solution? No, but so much better than the plan that would otherwise have passed into law.

Our spiritual preparation device, A Course in Miracles, speaks of open-mindedness:

Only the open-minded can be at peace, for they alone see reason for it. How do the open-minded forgive? They have let go all things that would prevent forgiveness. They have in truth abandoned the world, and let it be restored to them in newness and in joy so glorious they could never have conceived of such a change. Nothing is now as it was formerly. Nothing but sparkles now which seemed so dull and lifeless before. And above all are all things welcoming, for threat is gone.

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Jens said...

"They preserved voluntary choice at the provider level"

Do you realize that all of the single payer health ideas out there still retain individual choice of healthcare provider. All the doctors offices, clinics and hospitals would still be the same. The difference is that the insurance claims would be payed by the government. Otherwise the system stays pretty much the same from the patients vantage point.

Jason said...

What do libertarians think of the mixing of politics and religion?

A Christian Prophet said...

Jason, you might want to ask your question in some other words. It's like asking what libertarians think of mixing food with drink. Everyone has ideas which they hold religiously, even atheists; and everyone with any contact with other human beings is political.

Jens Hegg said...

But many political parties have a stance on the seperation of Church and State, correct? I think it's a valid question given that the mixing of church and state is addressed in our constitution.

This fact links the debate, it's less like asking do you mix food with drink. It's more like asking does red wine go better with beef or chicken.

A Christian Prophet said...

The U.S. Constitution does take a stance against government setting up a religion, like King Henry did in England. We do not want to become an Islamic state (or an Obamic state).

But certainly freedom means free minds and sometimes free minds choose to hold religious ideas. No problem there.

Jens Hegg said...

I think you just dodged the question. The question is, what Libertarians think about mixing church and state?

Of course people hold religious beliefs or we wouldn't be having this conversation. But do Librtarians think that religion should be a part of politics?

A Christian Prophet said...

Jens, why would you suspect I dodged the question? Read my answer again.

Here, I'll state it again as clearly as I know how.

Libertarians are adamantly opposed to a religious state, including a state subservient to the religion of Marxism such as Obama, Edwards, and Clinton espouse. Libertarians usually oppose government solutions, preferring free-market solutions. But if government is going to be involved, then open-mindedness is necessary and people who hold beliefs religiously are not open-minded.

At the same time, libertarians have no problem at all with politicians being religious and talking about their religion. It's called "freedom of speech."