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How to Choose? Rudy Giuliani? Hillary Clinton? Fred Thompson? Barack Obama? Mitt Romney?

Every day, throughout each day, we are find ourselves asking: "What should I say in this situation?" "How should I act under these circumstances?" "What is the correct way to look at this?" "How can I decide?"

The first step in making sound decisions is to remember we have no basis for judging what to say or do, or how to decide. A Course in Miracles puts it this way:

"No one can judge on partial evidence. That is not judgement. It is merely an opinion based on ignorance. You do not seem to doubt the world you see. You do not really question what is shown you through the body’s eyes. Nor do you ask why you believe it, even though you learned a long while since your senses do deceive. That you believe them to the last detail which they report is even stranger when you pause to recollect how frequently they have been faulty witnesses indeed! Why would you trust them so implicitly?

"How can you judge? Your judgement rests upon the witness that your senses offer you. Yet witness never falser was than this. But how else do you judge the world you see? You place pathetic faith in what your eyes and ears report. You think your fingers touch reality and close upon the truth. Can this be judgement? You have often been urged to refrain from judging, not because it is a right to be withheld from you. You cannot judge. You merely can believe the ego’s judgements, all of which are false."

A dilemma? Not at all. We need only rely on our higher intelligence which DOES know everything that is going on and DOES know the proper decision that benefits everyone.

"It is quite possible to listen to God’s Voice all day without interrupting your regular activities in any way. The part of your mind in which truth abides is in constant communication with God, whether you are aware of it or not. It is the other part of your mind that functions in the world and obeys the world’s laws. It is this part which is constantly distracted, disorganized, and highly uncertain.

"The part that is listening to the Voice of God is calm, always at rest and wholly certain. It is really the only part there is. The other part is a wild illusion, frantic and distraught, but without reality of any kind. Try today not to listen to it. Try to identify with the part of your mind where stillness and peace reign forever. Listen in deep silence. Be very still and open your mind. He wants you to hear His Voice. He gave It to you to be heard.

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"...nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:21)

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