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Brainwashed into Being Against School Vouchers?

"So if you're concerned about widening disparities in income, Greenspan tells readers attracted to his book by its publicists' promise of criticism of George W. Bush, then what you need to do is to 'harness better the forces of competition' in educating kids."
(Click to read entire article: Teacher Union's Gain Is Children's Loss

When asked what he considered to be the most dangerous threat to America, Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney did not answer: "Islamic Jihadists." His answer: "Our failing education system."

Public "education" has, over generations, been sold to Americans as a sacred religious idol, to be worshipped with genuflections and sacrifices ... and heavy penalties for the sacrilege of questioning the idolatry.

The Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman, like Copernicus pointing out to the Catholic Church that the earth was round, pointed out that a government monopoly on the administration of education seriously stifles innovation and productivity. And of course like religious zealots, leftist "progressives" who control education in America have tried to burn Milton Friedman at the stake.

But a far greater danger was pointed out by Thomas Jefferson and great champions of liberty ever since. Public "education," by virtue of being in the hands of government, is more appropriately called "indoctrination." Maybe math and reading will be taught, maybe it won't. But nothing will be taught which leads students to question the ruling political philosophy, and everything will be taught which glorifies government ... no matter how oppressive and foolish government might become.

In other words, public "education" has one underlying goal: create non-thinking true-believers when it comes to the system itself. It is a religion.

But most religions are honest about what they are doing. They say, "Hey, we are a religion."

There is no honesty in public "education." They peddle their indoctrination without letting anyone know they are a religion ... so nobody ever questions public "education" they way they question religions.

The tenth plank of the Communist Manifesto written by wannabee slave master Karl Marx was free education for all children in public schools. As insane and power-mad as Karl Marx was, he had learned that successful oppression of a people requires brainwashing their minds at a young age.

So anyone who sees the value of freedom and a free market would not hesitate to support free market schooling, right? Well ... that is unless they've become "educated" by public schools.

[see Mitt Romney's Rally America and Our Independent Libertarian Spirit ]

In his revelation for the 21st Century, A Course in Miracles, Jesus Christ teaches that open-mindedness, not government indoctrination, is our birthright as children of God:

The centrality of open-mindedness, perhaps the last of the attributes the teacher of God acquires, is easily understood when its relation to forgiveness is recognized. Open-mindedness permits him to be judged by the Voice for God on His behalf. Only the open-minded can be at peace, for they alone see reason for it.

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Jens Hegg said...

I'm confused by your point. You state the Karl Marx wanted free public education, yet you seem to want free education as well. You want to use the taxes you so fervently state are oppressive to fund your childrens education.

You want the government to pay for vouchers for your children to go to school. I thought you wanted to get the government out of education, correct? Yet it sounds like rather than let market economics play out, rather than getting rid of the taxes for schools, you would rather continue those taxes in order to educate YOUR children.

To me it sounds like you would rather mooch off the governments pork than pony up for education for your children.

If taxes are the oppression you say they are, why do you perpetuate them by demanding vouchers. You should be demanding abolition of the government education system. You aren't doing that, so I see your views as more than a touch hypocritical.

At the very least you should be demanding a tax credit for those who send their children to private schools. This tax credit would equal the per/pupil/year cost of public education. Thus, government money would not go to support religious education, you would not be paying oppressive taxes to fund government education, you would not be penalized financially for sending your kids to private school, and everyone would be happy.

Instead you insist on taking a hypocritical tack and demanding vouchers. Don't you realize that vouchers perpetuate the same tax structure you so abhor and could even make it more draconian by eventually increasing the cost of education as private schools become more expensive and more children attend them?

You also completely dismiss the phenomenon of charter schools. If you don't like the way things are taught most states now have a charter system which allows you to start a school and teach nearly any method as long as it isn't religious. There is more freedom of education in the system than you state. I'm not sure if you diminish this fact due to lack of knowledge or unwillngness to admit it.

A Christian Prophet said...

Jens, you are totally correct. Anyone interested in creating a free country should demand the complete abolition of the government education system, as you say.

You would not go around to your neighbors, point a gun to each of their heads, and demand money so your children could be educated.

Neither should you gather all your friends who want their children educated and who happen to constitute 51% of the neighborhood, point guns to the heads of the other 49%, and demand money so your children could be educated.

The tyranny of the majority over the minority is immoral, and taxation for children's education is robbery which the majority attempts to justify by making it a law.

Your choice of confusion is understandable, Jens. Although this article did not advocate vouchers or as you put it "demand" vouchers, it did point out a possible reason why people voted against vouchers, and closed with by a seemingly unrelated reference to free market schooling.

Maybe voucher advocates want to eventually eliminate the tyranny of education taxation, and eventually eliminate public schools and create a free country with free market education, but they see a voucher system as sort of a transition mechanism. But it would appear to many, as you put it, a hypocritical tack.