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Liberal Media Spins For John McCain in Florida

"A problem cannot be solved if you do not know what it is. Even if it is really solved already, you will still have the problem because you cannot recognize that it has been solved. This is the situation of the world." -Jesus Christ

John McCain is not really a Republican. He is a Chameleon. There is not an official Chameleon Party, but there have been many Republican chameleons, and McCain is their current trend setter. When seeking Republican votes McCain pretends to be red. But when he is around Democrats he turns a clear blue, and when pandering to George W. Bush he likes to appear blue with a pinkish tinge.

Thomas Jefferson, who founded the original Republican Party as a states-rights party to oppose the federal government running amok and making every little area of our lives difficult to live, was a mountain of integrity compared to John McCain. Thomas Jefferson was a man of glowing principle. John McCain is a man who ignores principles and changes colors if it will make him friends and help him survive.

In South Carolina, McCain eked out a win because of votes from military families who probably felt that an old POW from the Viet Nam war deserves an honorary vote. But what about the many other prisoners of war? None of the other prisoners of war tries to argue that they deserve the Presidency just because they suffered in a prison camp (although President Bush could probably make the argument that the White House in the last few years has seemed like a prison camp).

In New Hampshire during the last days before primary voting, huge gatherings of Independents debated amongst themselves whether to strategically vote for Barack Obama or John McCain. Since Obama was far ahead in the polls, they chose McCain. Their purpose was to be spoilers.

It makes sense that the leftist media would push McCain at every opportunity. The New York Times has endorsed him. But John McCain has not been the favored candidate of average everyday real-life Republicans and in fact if elected would represent more of the same in Washington, which means more government-created chaos such as the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill. McCain cannot be a solution in Washington because he is one of the "good old boys" who created the problem and cannot recognize the problem for what it is.

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