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New Republican Party Out of McCain-Huckabee Disaster?

"The mind then sees a divided world outside itself, but not within. This gives it an illusion of integrity, and enables it to believe that it is pursuing one goal." - Jesus Christ

Conservatives are inching toward learning what America's news media has a vested interest in not grasping: a political candidate who lacks inner integrity can still give the appearance of being a "straight talker." Since news media professionals would love nothing more than to see themselves as straight talkers, they have a self-deceiving compulsion to not examine thoroughly but feel favorable toward candidates who appear to be straight talkers. This helps explain the "free ride" news media coverage which John McCain and Barack Obama enjoy: extensively favorable, and totally devoid of any "digging deep" journalism.

Self-deceiving journalists thus create an illusory upside-down world. Mitt Romney, a man of deep thoroughgoing integrity, is painted as not a straight talker. John McCain, a range-of-the-moment anti-integrity flipper, is glorified as a straight talker. And Mike Huckabee, an unscrupulous "preacher man," is wistfully hoped to be a moral alternative.

In an upside-down world, one can expect upside-down happenings. Even after Romney had dropped out and McCain had enjoyed a coronation by the news media, Kansas Republican voters lined up for hours to give Huckabee a 60% win to 24% for McCain and 11% for the last remaining old-line conservative, Ron Paul.

Huckabee is no Romney, but is he really that much preferable, 60% to 24% preferable to McCain? Maybe so. Can you imagine McCain nominating anti-abortion judges when it would mean betraying his "squadron buddies" Teddy Kennedy, Russ Feingold, and Joe Lieberman?

It is an upside-down world when the Republican Party can so easily be hijacked by the liberal establishment. But an upside-down world eventually has to return to spinning on its natural axis. And conservatives will not be hoodwinked forever. They are learning, inch by inch.

A new Republican Party is coming. It will be a party of authentic republicanism, not accommodation to liberal insanity. Anti-establishment young Republicans have flocked to the ideas of Ron Paul and Mitt Romney, the two truly consistent conservatives who have been running ... and consistent young Republicans will bring a bright future. (To view a great video comparing Ronald Reagan and Mitt Romney see: Ronald Reagan/Mitt Romney speeches )

Conservatives will do some deep soul-searching and will end up deeply committing to making sure that never again will a John McCain steal the Republican nomination. The process will be painful, but such soul-searching will produce a better political party than anyone can now imagine. (See article: Republican Liberty Revolution)

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