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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 6

"I TOTALLY commit to creating a perfect relationship!"

How many times have I heard individuals verbally whip their partner for not committing in the relationship? "Your problem is you can't commit!" Whip crack! "It's your fault because you won't commit!" Whip crack! "If I can't get a commitment from you I'll leave you!" Whip crack!

But I am learning in this course that the only commitment I need is my own. Life gives me back what I put into it, not what some other person puts into it. If I am committed to creating a perfect relationship, it will happen.

In fact, that's what "will" is. When I will something into existence I am totally committed to it being in existence and my total commitment brings it about. If my commitment is wishy-washy, my will is half focused-half unfocused. When my will is less than fully focused, what I want does not come about.

So this week I want to commit, commit, commit, commit, commit (until my commitment is total) to creating a perfect relationship.

Do I need to have a special person already in my life in order to make a total commitment? It doesn't matter one way or the other. It's only me who needs to commit and finding total commitment inside myself is no harder or easier with someone already in my life or not.

As I awaken each day this week, I will prepare myself for a great day of progress by saying aloud to myself many times over, until I feel the truth of it at a deeper level than I feel the truth of most of the thoughts I hold in mind, the statement of this week's lesson:

"I TOTALLY commit to creating a perfect relationship!"

During the day, each hour I set aside 5 minutes for meditation and use this meditation time to ask myself questions like:

"Total commitment? Are you there inside me?"

"Total commitment? I know you are there! What do you feel like?"

The idea is to quiet my mind and body ... and ask for a deep feeling to arise. The feeling of total commitment is inside me and it will rise to the surface to be felt if I ask sincerely and strongly.

Once I feel the feeling as fully as possible, I can then hold the feeling for as long as possible during the next hour. I'll then remind myself again during another meditation period. The idea is to acquaint myself with the feeling of the fullest commitment I can feel and hold onto the feeling most of the day.

Then at the end of each day, it will be easy to access the feeling of total commitment, the feeling likely being stronger each successive day. Before retiring for the day I say to myself a few times, really feeling the truth of it:

"This total commitment of mine I place in the service of creating a perfect relationship."

As I am about to fall asleep for the day, knowing my dreams will work toward my goal, I ask my mind to give me a vision of a perfect relationship or a feeling of what a heavenly relationship would feel like. I visualize myself in a relationship such as this earth has never yet known, a relationship of such intense joy and happiness and fulfillment that entirely new kinds of romantic stories will have to be written someday.

I say to myself before sleeping:

"Nothing can stop me from creating a relationship of so much love and joy ... the world has never before seen the likes of it!"

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