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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 5

"It does NOT take two to tango!"

Contrary to popular belief, all the work that needs to be done to bring about a perfect relationship can be done within myself.

Why is this so?

Because my mind and my belief systems literally create what I experience in life. Once I change my mind, or change my way of seeing things, or change my way of experiencing things ... I literally re-create my world in a different form altogether.

I have watched people change almost overnight as a result of my thinking of them in a different way or seeing them in a different light. I have also watched people change as a result of my intense desire to see them change, as if my intense desire were like a prayer. Some would say that any intense desire is a "prayer" whether formulated into words or not.

If people change as a result of my conscious desire to see them change, what can be said about my subconscious desires? If my subconscious desires are 99 times more powerful than my conscious desires, how much differently would I be treated by people if I were to change my subconscious desires? How much different would be the relationships I draw into my life if I were to show forth the clear and glowing being I am capable of showing forth inside myself?

An ancient teaching states that thoughts held in mind produce in the world after their kind. Jesus might rephrase it this way: "Judge not, because by judging you are condemning yourself." Even someone in resistance to Jesus, if honest, will admit the world shows one a reflection of the thoughts one holds in mind.

Now that I have started this course, I will more and more see that no one but myself is responsible for who I meet, for how people react to me, and for how anyone in relationship with me treats me.

But what if the ancient teaching didn't go far enough? What if it is not only thoughts held in my mind that create my experiences in the world, but also my unwillingness to clean out of my aura non-life serving energies which have been soaked up from the thoughts or emotions of others?

What if I could keep my energies really clean and bright inside, like a glowing angel? Would I attract clean, bright and glowing people into my life to reflect my inner state back to me? Would those with whom I am in relationship automatically start changing by virtue of experiencing my bright energy?

This week I want to practice reminding myself that if I change my mind, if I change my way of seeing things, if I change my energies, then everything I have ever dreamed of and more will come to me in a relationship. I want to remind myself that nothing is required from the other person at all. It is all me.

To this end as I awaken each day I prepare myself for the day by saying aloud to myself a few times until I begin to feel as truth some such statement as:

"To have a heavenly relationship, nobody else but me has to make any changes."

"When I alone begin to see things differently ... everyone changes!"

"When I weed out relationship-defeating thoughts and attitudes from MY OWN mind, the heavenly relationship becomes inevitable!"

"I take FULL responsibility for the quality of relationship in my life!"

Each hour during the day I set aside a 5 or 10 minute meditation period to use for the purpose of retraining my mind with respect to this week's lesson... It does not take two ... it takes only one.

During my hourly meditations I focus on the above statements or other statements having similar meaning which might come to mind. I attempt to get in-touch with the feeling that comes with knowing that I alone can create the most wonderful heavenly relationship. I might even ask aloud a few times:

"Feelings of total sovereignty? Are you there?"

Then each day before retiring for the day I visualize myself dancing with a perfect partner, but the perfect partner turns out to be me alone. Before falling asleep I laugh with joy, knowing it's all in my hands ... or my feet.

"I rejoice that it takes only one to tango!"

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