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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 34

"I fill my life with heart and soul opening partners!"

In an earlier lesson of this course emphasis was made on heart and soul opening partners. At that time I may have fantasized about the possibility of finding the one best heart and soul opening partner for my life.

But in truth being in the presence of any heart and soul opening partner is like being in the presence of an angel. The co-mingling of auras opens my heart and soul greatly, magnifies the light of my spirit, and starts wonderful good fortune flowing my way.

In a sense a heart and soul opening partner is a spiritual opening partner. There is more to spiritual opening than merely opening one's heart and soul, but heart and soul opening are 90% of the spiritual ball game, so to speak.

Looking at the other side of the coin it could be said that anyone who is highly open spiritually, like a great spiritual teacher, or an accomplished meditation master, or someone who has lived with an advanced spiritual teacher could be called a heart and soul opening partner for me.

"Spiritual teachers" in this context does not refer to religious leaders in the usual sense. Occasionally one finds a religious leader who is also highly open spiritually, but this is the rare exception rather than the rule.

Spirituality and religiosity are two separate animals. A non-religionist, even an atheist, can be enlightened spiritually, but it's harder for someone caught up in religion to really be totally enlightened. Jesus set an example by honoring the religions of his time without getting caught up in them ... choosing instead the freedom to follow his own spirituality.

A few very highly advanced spiritual teachers live in the world at any given time, but they are not easy to find. Luckily, a very sincere prayer for a true teacher to come into one's life is always answered.

The grapevine has it that if I'm really, really serious about my spiritual opening and I want to be around an entire community of highly enlightened teachers without leaving the United States, I would want to contact Endeavor Academy in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

But if I'm not ready to visit Wisconsin, I can still set up my own "community" of friends who are heart and soul opening partners ... people whose energies naturally open me spiritually.

How do I do this?

I ask with all my being for heart and soul opening partners to be drawn into my life as my friends. That will be my practice for this week.

This week I start my day by using the statement of the week's lesson:

"I surround myself with heart and soul opening partners."

Each hour during the day I take 5 minutes to remind myself to try to feel what people feel like, whether they are around me in person, or seen at a distance, or seen in a movie, or talked to over the phone. What do various people feel like to me?

All day long I practice paying attention to people's underlying energies. Feeling this person's presence, what happens inside of me? Do I feel my heart opening even though I am not doing anything to open my heart? Do I feel my soul (solar plexus area) opening although I am doing nothing consciously to open my soul?

Of course people's surface emotions are going to affect me. If people are angry near me, I can feel their anger. If people are joyous near me, I can feel their joy. But this week's exercise goes deeper than feeling surface emotions. What are the person's basic underlying energies?

I want to become extremely sensitive to whose energies are automatically opening my heart and soul. These are the people I especially want to cultivate as friends.

Before retiring for the day I allow myself a full 20 minutes for meditation. If there is a particular person who opens my heart and soul tremendously, I feel this person's presence as if this person were right with me during meditation.

To help me feel this person's presence, I might say aloud a few times as if I were talking to the person:

"(Person's name), I can feel you right here with me opening my heart and soul as never before."

Before falling asleep I rejoice that my heart and soul are opening and say to myself:

"Yes! My heart is open! My soul is open! I'm flying!"

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