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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 35

"I expect miracles and they happen all around me!"

An old bumper sticker which can still occasionally be seen on cars says to viewers: "Expect a miracle!" The idea being conveyed with such a message is that miracles do happen and in fact happen often enough that they can be expected.

The unspoken message is that the mind is creative and what is held in mind as an expectation usually comes true.

This is a course in relationship miracles and the early lessons of this course basically told me that miracles in relationships do happen and can be expected. My mind has been made ready and I've already seen some positive results.

Now it's time to go further. What if I really, really, really expected miracles all the time in my relationships? What if I found myself saying with respect to every temptation to see a relationship problem something like: "There will be a miracle here and it's just around the corner!"

A "miracle" can be defined as any change of mind that brings peace, love, joy and the feeling that "all is well" as opposed to a feeling of discord and conflict.

A miracle can be seen in its outer effects ... the whole situation is changed for the better. But the miracle starts in mind, doesn't it?

Whose mind has to change for the miracle to occur? Actually any mind can bring about a miracle. So why not my mind?

This week I train my mind to expect miracles as natural and inevitable. Training my mind to be open to miracles, my mind will literally be facilitating the miracles.

As I awaken each day this week, I allow myself a meditation period during which I let my mind show me pictures of possible relationship problems. With each such picture I say aloud a number of times (until the picture begins to clear up) the statement of this week's lesson:

"I expect miracles and they happen all around me!"

Merely expecting a miracle in a given situation will set forces into motion to produce the miracle. For one thing, my own mind will be changed. Previously I might have feared the worst, now I will be looking forward to the best.

During the day I am determined to notice relationship problems or budding relationship problems, but I do not dwell on them. Instead I merely say inside my mind about each:

"This will work out because I expect miracles and miracles happen all around me!"

Before retiring for the day I ask myself if I have seen any miracles during the day. Have I seen any changes in attitude among people? Have I seen any relationship healing? Have I seen any changes in myself?

Before falling to sleep I rejoice that miracles really are happening all around me.

I might say to myself something like:

"Hey, working miracles is fun!"

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