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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 13

"Signs and signals are everywhere!"

As previous lessons in this course have indicated, the universe is at work producing a right and perfect heart and soul opening partner in my life who will keep me open spiritually and romantically. But will the universe give me specific instructions in words to facilitate this happy state of affairs?

Well, yes. But ... I may not yet have developed my inner hearing to the point where I can hear words inside clearly, in which case the universe is going to speak to me in signs and signals.

For example, let's say the universe is guiding me to go to a particular place for some important reason, but I cannot hear the place name inside myself because my inner hearing is not yet well trained. What kind of signs and signals might the universe provide for me?

Well, maybe I would see that place name or hear that place name flashed 100 times in one day when I wouldn't usually have that name come up even once a day. Or maybe a child would blurt out that place name when I totally wouldn't have expected it. Or maybe a book would fall off a shelf and land with its pages open to that place.

If I am paying attention, I can see the universe flashing place names, person names, names of things, etc., much the time ... true or false?

Ancient Magyar peoples followed eagles flying across thousands of miles of Asia guiding them to a promised land, which became the country we know as Hungary.

Native Americans paid attention to not only birds but foxes, wolves, and all sorts of animals leading them in various directions.

Ancient Hebrews followed "pillars" of cloud and fire.

Actually the signs and signals used by the universe can be anything my mind is willing to accept, true or false? As the old saying goes, "If I am willing to see them, I will see them."

So what does it take to prepare my mind to take note of all the signs and signals that really are everywhere?

For one thing it takes willingness. Not many people are willing to watch for or listen for signs or signals because they prefer figuring things out intellectually. Of course intellectualizing works wonders when it comes to building bridges and skyscrapers, but intellectualizing fails utterly when it comes to creating the experience of high happiness. I must be willing to turn my life over to a higher intelligence which knows more than I do.

Once I have willingness, I need only train my mind to watch. I could call it "watchfulness." So my practice this week is to develop willingness and watchfulness.

I start each day this week with an expectant attitude. Upon awakening, I say to myself aloud many times over a statement of expectancy:

"Today I will see and hear signs and signals everywhere."

Then each hour during the day I will take a 5 minute meditation period during which I will see if I can hear inside some statement related to this week's subject. Whatever statement I hear inside, I will say aloud to myself a number of times until I begin to feel the truth of it on deep levels inside myself. Example statements might be:

"I am REALLY alert to the signs and signals that are everywhere present guiding me."

"I do not let my intellect cause me to miss the significance of the signs and signals that are everywhere present."

"Signs and signals guide me into situations that enhance my happiness more than I could have imagined."

"Only signs and signals will suffice as guidance until my inner hearing is far more developed."

Obviously when my inner hearing is really well developed and I'm hearing words inside guiding me, then I will no longer need signs and signals, and signs and signals will be less present. But even those who hear clearly inside enjoy a few signs and signals once in awhile, true or false?

As usual, before retiring for the day I allow myself to feel awash in gratitude. A few times before sleep I say to myself a statement of thanksgiving such as:

"How incredibly blessed I am! Signs and signals speak to me everywhere!"

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