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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 12

"There is nothing I need do but wait ...
and see what happens!"

Many people believe that to meet or keep a relationship partner they must maneuver, manipulate, "work at it", or otherwise "try to make things happen." Nothing could be further from the truth.

It doesn't hurt in the beginning to pray for a perfect relationship partner. But such a prayer is a prayer that has always been buried deep inside me anyway in the form of one of my deepest and truest heart's desires.

When I've been in touch with this deep heart and soul desire, which is to say when I've made my prayer, the follow-up required of me is not to try to make things happen but to let go of trying and trust that the universe is rearranging itself for me.

Sometimes it is very hard to let go and trust. My ego wants nothing more than to jump in and try to make things happen ... make some phone calls, put out some advertisements, go to some parties where people meet each other. All these ego-directed "doings" work against me.

The principle involved is simple. Nothing I could dream up to further my cause will really further my cause. My cause is furthered by getting myself out of the way and trusting that the universe knows better than I do what I really need in a relationship and how to provide the partner I really want.

This is the principle of non-resistance. Trying to make things happen often appears to work, but appearances are universally deceiving. If I try to make something happen, I am actually in resistance to the natural flow and therefore set into motion an equal and opposite force working against me.

Because resistance begets resistance, my perfect relationship will blossom much faster if I do not resist the way things are right now and allow everything to unfold as it will.

This week the goal of my practice with this course is to begin to teach my mind the incredible power of patience.

Each day this week as I awaken I will say to myself aloud and with meaning a statement of this week's lesson:

"There is nothing I need do but wait ... and see what happens."

Now comes the part that could be hard at first. It's called "not yielding to temptation." I might be tempted to flirt. I might be tempted to make a phone call. I might be tempted to say, "We need to talk." I might be tempted to think about a strategy.

My answer to all these temptations is the same. "Stop! I need do nothing!"

Each hour during the day, I set aside 5 minutes for meditation. During this meditation, I look back at myself during the previous hour to see if I was tempted to initiate a "doing" or a "happening." For each such temptation, I imagine myself in the same sort of situation in the future and in my mind I picture myself stopping when tempted and doing nothing instead.

If I visualize myself enough times in my imagination not yielding to the temptation to lapse into manipulating the universe, then I will train myself to become a master at letting the universe create for me. When I become a master at not trying, unimaginable good will flow to me effortlessly. So I dedicate myself to practicing this hourly practice with full endeavor.

At the end of each day this week, during my longer meditation, I will review my day to see how this principle of non-resistance has worked in various ways during the day. Perhaps I will see the value of non-resistance in other areas of life besides relationships.

Finally, before going to sleep, I say to myself aloud one last time for the day a statement of gratitude such as:

"Thank you, universe, for providing my good without me having to work at it or try to make things happen. Thank you!"

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