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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 2

"I am fully capable of creating a perfect relationship."

Last week I learned that I am worthy of more happiness in relationship than the earth has yet seen. But what if somewhere in my subconscious mind I were to harbor a secret thought that for one or more reasons I am not capable of creating such a relationship?

Maybe I've told myself not consciously, but subconsciously, that I have insurmountable learning blocks when it comes to relationships. Maybe I've decided on a subtle level in my mind that relationships require two commitments and I can't do all the work myself. Maybe I've thought there is not enough technology on earth yet to create really good relationships.

None of these ideas are true.

There is nothing about relationships I cannot easily learn. Any blocks I have to learning can be removed quickly and painlessly.

If I prepare myself for the kind of relationship I deserve, that's the kind of relationship I will have, because contrary to popular belief it only takes one to get the job done.

Unbelievably happy relationships are now believable. The technology is on earth now. That's what this course is all about.

This course promises what I've always really wanted in relationship. It's up to me to have some willingness to do what this course asks of me.

This week I want to get in-touch with the truth that I am capable of learning the technology of "heavenly" relationships.

This week each day as I awaken I affirm my capability aloud to myself a number of times over until I begin to feel the truth of it. To this purpose, I use this week's lesson statement or any other statement that springs to mind with similar meaning. Example statements might be:

"I will not belittle my learning capability! Whatever needs to be learned about relationships ... I can learn it!"

"My past has no effect on my ability to learn! Starting fresh right now, I can learn to create perfect relationships!"

"Nothing can stand in the way of my learning because the technology of perfect relationships is very simple indeed!"

During the day each hour I take five minutes for quiet meditation and during these meditation periods I ask to feel feelings of capability. I might ask myself a question like:

"What does it FEEL like to know I am fully capable of creating a perfect relationship? I want the feeling!"

The idea is to become familiar with the feeling of full capability and as much as possible throughout each day hold onto that feeling. I could even ask myself a hundred and one times during the day:

"What does my full capability feel like?"

Experiencing and holding onto the feeling of full capability literally "burns up" any learning blocks that might be lurking in my subconscious energy and assures that if thoughts of lack of capability come to mind they will not be able to put down roots in my belief system.

Each day when retiring, I again ask to feel the feeling of full capability and I do not let myself fall asleep before saying to myself again a few times with great joy and gratitude a statement of the week's lesson:

"I am fully capable of creating a perfectly heavenly relationship."

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