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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 1

"I deserve a relationship which seems like heaven on earth."

There is no reason for me to invite typical reduced levels of happiness and fulfillment by settling for a relationship containing seeds of stress, strain, or incompatibility. I understand that most people believe this is the norm for relationships and resign themselves to "making it work" by which they really mean "minimizing the feeling of something missing". I deserve better.

I also understand that most people begin relationships "in fantasy land", so to speak, believing that their relationship is not going to be like others. I deserve better than the "blindness" of fantasy also.

What I deserve is a relationship "made in heaven" and easily sustainable in heavenly feelings without a great deal of hard work. Relationships can be heavenly ... and that's what I deserve. I will not settle for less.

People who are stuck in overburdening relationships are sometimes overheard saying things like, "I don't deserve this!", or "I don't deserve to be treated this way!" In truth, they do not deserve it. What is true is true on the deepest level. But somewhere inside themselves on some less deep yet subconscious ego level they must believe they do deserve it or they wouldn't have found themselves in the situation. I will not allow such subconscious confusion inside myself. I am worthy of better.

So I hereby commit myself to doing the work inside myself first that will lead to a relationship of peace, joy, happiness... and love so overwhelming that it goes beyond what words could possibly describe. I deserve it.

My goal this week is to put myself in-touch with how much I really do deserve. I will accomplish this by using exercises designed to take me deep inside my subconscious mind, clear out contradictory thoughts regarding my worthiness, and perhaps begin to feel a high degree of worthiness I have never before felt.

First of all, each day this week upon awakening I prepare my mind by affirming aloud to myself this week's lesson statement:

"I deserve a relationship which seems like heaven on earth"

If I say this once or twice and it doesn't feel true to me, I continue saying it and I say it as many times as it takes to begin feeling the truth of it. Having at least begun to feel the truth of what is true, I can then go about my day with appropriate feelings.

During each waking hour of each day this week, I take a quick five minutes to get back in-touch with my worthiness. I accomplish this simply by asking, but asking with all my heart and soul, to feel how worthy I really am:

"Worthiness? Are you there? I want to feel you!

I want to feel how really, really, really worthy I am!

I want to feel what it feels like to know that I deserve a relationship which seems like heaven on earth!"

Having asked with deep sincerity, I wait quietly for the feeling to rise. I do not have to worry about feeling overwhelmed. Whatever feelings of worthiness arise, I will be able to handle. But the idea is to keep asking with all my heart and soul until I at least begin to feel real worthiness.

Then before retiring each day this week, I take some time to feel that the true desires of my heart and soul really are coming true. I say the following affirmation aloud to myself until I begin to feel the truth of it before retiring:

"Not only do I deserve a relationship which seems like heaven on earth ... but it IS coming true!"

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