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Most relationships would benefit from miracles.

The potential for miracles in any kind of relationship are endless.

The miracles you master by practicing the lessons of this course can be easily applied to any relationship and all kinds of relationships. But because the romantic love relationship is so intense, with possibilities for near-heaven and near-hell experiences far greater than other kinds of relationships, this course uses as a teaching device the context of the romantic love relationship.

In truth, every principle of relationship that is seen so clearly in romantic love can be found in other relationships with a little well-developed "seeing," so when the course focuses on romantic love keep in mind that all relationships are the same in dynamics, but not in the intensity with which the dynamics are working.

Therefore, when the course uses terms like "partnership" or "dear one", do not hesitate to think of these terms as applying to anyone in any relationship. Much can be learned, for example, by applying the terms "partner" or "dear one" to one you might have thought of as an enemy.

Romantic love is one of the most spiritually opening experiences one can have in life on earth. It is an experience that is dreamed of and sought after and sung about more than any other experience on earth precisely because it "seems like heaven" when you are experiencing it. Certainly if any feeling on earth could be a close approximation to the experience of heaven, it would be romantic love.

Just as romantic love is like opening to heaven, the complications which arise in romantic love can be like opening to hell ... unless miracles enter the picture. Thus the need for a course such as this one.

What exactly happens in romantic love? Why is the feeling sometimes short-lived? What causes romance to wear thin? How can partnerships be sustained in highly romantic happiness without a lot of work? Not only are these and related questions answered in this course, but the course offers the mind-training necessary to make the romance last.

The Course in Relationship Miracles teaches you how to maintain romantic openness and extreme happiness throughout your entire relationship. To most people, this would seem like a miracle ... thus the name of the course. But the "miracle" is not scientifically unexplainable. It is merely a matter of newly revealed technology.

So the Course in Relationship Miracles is written for the romantic who wants to make the romance last, but also for anyone who wants to make any relationship a good or better experience.

The Course in Relationship Miracles is interested in helping you blast through the limitations of old-style relationships, allowing you to operate on a level which could almost be called "miraculous," as you follow your unique spirit-directed path to happiness in relationships. To this end, we offer what might be the most life-changing course you will ever take.


There is no charge for the Course in Relationship Miracles ... except the price you set for yourself in dedication and commitment. The Course, like life itself, gives back what you put into it. Pay a high price in dedication and commitment, and the rewards will prove to be far beyond what you could have imagined beforehand.

The Course may be practiced in two ways:

Those who benefit from schedules and scheduling can concentrate on one lesson a week. The Course's 52 lessons make it a perfect one year course. Those who survive a year in the Course in this manner will feel a strong desire to re-take it a second year and a third.

Those who feel the need to not move on until they have really grasped a given lesson in all its depth and breadth can stay on the same lesson week after week until it is fully learned and integrated deeply inside oneself, then move on to the next lesson. This is perhaps the best way to learn the lessons.

To gain the most benefit from the course, do not read ahead in the lessons. Stay with the lesson you are on until the one week or longer you have alloted yourself for the lesson has passed.

Under no circumstances should anyone ever spend less than an entire week on a lesson. Many will be tempted to say to themselves, "Oh, I already know this lesson," and move on to the next lesson too quickly. Do not submit to such temptation. If you really knew the lesson in all its fullness, and had the lesson integrated deep inside yourself, then you would already be living "in heaven" in all your relationships and have no need for a Course in Miraculous Relationships.

One week is not enough time to integrate a lesson thoroughly, but it is the minimum amount of time to get a good start on a lesson which when thoroughly learned will improve your life a billion-fold.

Happy Learning! (Links to lessons on side of this page.)

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