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Government Cannot Offer Hope or Salvation!

'Tis the season of politics and all through the country candidates are fuming and fussing and insisting that government is the answer to every one's problems. Yet a little digging in history shows that it's just the opposite. It was easier to find a right path, easier to earn a living, easier to parent children, easier to give of oneself, and easier to experience fulfillment when government was very, very little involved in the everyday lives of Americans.

The socialist state dreamed up and worshipped by intellectuals is an illusion. There is no all-knowing being called "omniscient government" which has the wisdom to solve all our problems. There are only ordinary individuals serving in government ... individuals who are no smarter than us, have no better perceptions than us, and wallow in their own problems just like most of us.

In reality there are only individual human beings. Individualism is our natural state of being, our natural energy which cannot be short-circuited. Each individual must learn to grope with and solve life's problems. Each individual must be allowed to make mistakes and learn from his or her mistakes. We say spiritual salvation is the end of the line, but along the line the salvation at every stop is personal, individual.

So let's wake up and quit supporting candidates who claim to know better than us what is good for us. It's not government's business to save us from our own occasionally foolish choices. It is government's business to stay out of the way and let us learn from our mistakes and find our own salvation.

We don't need "public" schools, "central" banks, and "universal" health care. We need only government hands off of free markets, which are a million times more efficient and responsive to our needs than government could ever be, which can provide us with goods and services government couldn't dream of ... in every area of life.

In this political season, listen inside and hear your spirit tell you which candidates to support. You will not hear to support candidates who promise that government can take care of you and is your salvation. You will hear that the best candidates are those who are dedicated to getting government out of your way.

[Such candidates are truly heroic but badly misrepresented by the media. You might want to read Mitt Romney: An American Hero and Ron Paul Cannot Be Laughed Away ]

All of that said, individuals do have help in every situation from Jesus Christ. Here is what Jesus Christ teaches in his revelation for the 21st Century, A Course in Miracles, about finding the real solution to problems.

No one could solve all the problems the world appears to hold. They seem to be on so many levels, in such varying forms and with such varied content, that they confront you with an impossible situation. Dismay and depression are inevitable as you regard them. Some spring up unexpectedly, just as you think you have resolved the previous ones. Others remain unsolved under a cloud of denial, and rise to haunt you from time to time, only to be hidden again but still unsolved.

All this complexity is but a desperate attempt not to recognize the problem, and therefore not to let it be resolved. If you could recognize that your only problem is separation, no matter what form it takes, you could accept the answer because you would see its relevance. Perceiving the underlying constancy in all the problems which confront you, you would understand that you have the means to solve them all. And you would use the means because you recognize the problem.

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"...nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:21)

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