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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 37

"Relationships are not what they seem to be!"

Earlier lessons of this course emphasized that if a relationship is dedicated to a higher purpose than merely ego-vested interests, there is much less likelihood of difficult problems arising in the relationship.

The next step is to begin to see that in reality every relationship is serving a much broader purpose than meets the eye. This new way of seeing will bring a perspective that will make potential relationship problems seem like ant hills instead of seeming like mountains.

I need only remember the analogy about the giant iceberg of which I can see only the tiny tip. As with icebergs so with relationships. So much more is going on in relationships than meets the eye!

When seeing through the limited viewpoint of a human being, we know very little about what our soul is really doing. Some say the soul is creating lessons for itself constantly. Others say there is no need for lessons because our spirit already knows everything, and what is really happening is our spirit is using every situation to open us up out of the closed-down soul level.

Both these groups would say there are no accidents. I meet a person because it is designed for me to meet that person. Everyone who is in my life is in my life because some invisible-level plan is being worked out. A chance encounter may be full of cosmic significance.

My training this week is to see relationships in this whole new way. What seems to be going on is orders of magnitude different than what is really going on.

Each day this week upon awakening, I remind myself of the week's lesson by saying aloud to myself for perhaps 5 whole minutes a statement such as:

"Today I keep in mind that relationships are not what they seem to be."

As I go through my day if I feel even the slightest relationship glitch with someone, I say to myself a few times over:

"This situation is not what it seems. This relationship is working on invisible levels producing good I am not able to see."

Occasionally I can even say this to myself with respect to relationships where there are no apparent glitches and even when seeing people who I don't know at a distance. If I happen to begin seeing the world as a movie which is showing me what I need to be shown when I need to be shown it, so much the better.

At the end of each day this week I give myself the treat of using my imagination during a longer meditation. I pick someone who I have some sort of relationship with and let my imagination run wild for awhile dreaming up far-fetched but not impossible scenarios which explain why this person is really in my life.

Before falling to sleep I say to myself one more time for the day:

"I'm really, really glad that every relationship is serving a much greater purpose than I can imagine!"

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