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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 38

"I do not jump eagerly into
solving new relationship problems!"

The statement of this week's lesson might sound backwards to many people's way of thinking, especially psychologists. But often seeming problems are not what they seem. Problems I think I see in relationships many times are not really problems at all.

Sometimes I have soaked up other's energy that is not mine and my relationship partner is reacting not to the real me but to the alien energy I have soaked up. The same could work in reverse.

Other times it is not a person's energy that has been soaked up by one of us but the energy of a place. Places where the energy is chaotic, or full of sadness, or full of anger have their effects on us, but the negative energy is not who we really are and eventually dissipates.

Most of us are also sensitive to "energies in the atmosphere," so to speak ... the barometric pressure, the temperature, the pollen count, the position of the moon or other planets in the sky ... temporary conditions.

For example, a relationship partner could literally be reacting not to me, but to the fact that several planets are in Pisces all at the same time causing weird reactions in just about every sensitive person. These kinds of very temporary conditions which cause people to go through short-lived abnormalities might be called "energy spikes."

All these energy spike influences are changeable and changing. Tomorrow or the next day or the next week my energies or the energies of my relationship partner will be back to "normal." April Fool! The possible problem I might have feared turned out to be not a problem after all.

So I need to train myself to not "jump for the gun" by trying to right away handle things that do not need handling. The best way to do this is to thoroughly train my mind to believe the truth implied in this week's lesson:

"Not all seeming relationship problems need solving."

Actually, if I went around trying to solve every seeming relationship problem that appeared on the horizon, I would be creating more problems than could be solved. In the first place the attention of my mind is creative ... if I focus on seeming problems the energy of my focus "hardens" the form, making it seem more real than before.

Secondly, by trying to solve something that really doesn't need solving, I thereby create a different kind of relationship problem by my resistance to that which didn't need fixing. In other words, my resistance to the situation invites resistance to me.

My happiness in relationship is greatly enhanced if I do not try to solve every seeming relationship problem that comes along. There is actually a force in the universe already working for every one's highest good and I need only stay out of the way and let it work in it's own way.

So this week I'm going to train my mind to trust that many difficulties will dissipate quicker and easier without my worrying or trying to solve anything.

Each day upon awakening I will remind myself of the week's lesson. I might say to myself aloud a number of times a statement such as:

"Problems may not be problems after all, so I hold my peace ... and wait and see what happens."

During the day I meet each seeming new relationship problem which arises with a re-statement of this week's lesson such as:

"I'm not going to worry about this because there's a good chance it will pass without me doing anything."

"This may be an energy spike, not a real problem. So I'll wait and see what happens."

"This may not be the end of the world. It might only be a very quick cleansing, or quick adjustment."

Using these kinds of statements I am not "burying my head in the sand" and I am not "in denial." I am simply being logical. There is no reason to attempt to fix something that may not really be broken.

At the end of each day if there are seeming problems still outstanding I remind myself of an old spiritual statement that is truer than I might have previously noticed. I tell myself a few times until I begin to feel better:

"This too will pass!"

As always, if there are no problems outstanding, I "count my blessings" and feel gratitude.

Before falling to sleep I feel double gratitude and more, knowing that I don't have to solve everything that comes along. I might say to myself a few times:

"What a relief! I don't have to solve everything!"

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