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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 36

"I practice feeling the spirit of others!"

Some of the previous lessons of this course have mentioned "feeling the presence" of a person who is not physically with me. In other words, I have learned in some cases when a person is not around to feel the person's spirit.

What happens if the person is physically with me and I feel the person's spirit anyway?

We do this all the time with heart and soul opening partners, don't we? The energies of a heart and soul opening partner feel so familiar to us and so comfortable to us that without thinking we automatically begin feeling the heart and soul opening partner's spirit.

With others whose energies are not so automatically pleasant to us, we can still with some slight additional focus feel the other's spirit.

For example, let's suppose a man is slightly angry with me. My ego's normal reaction would be to close myself down in order to not feel the energy of his anger. But by closing myself down, I end up not feeling the positive aspects of his spirit either.

What if I consciously said to my mind, "Instead of closing down, I'm going to feel his spirit totally," and I began to focus on feeling his spirit?

Since I experience whatever I set my mind to experience, I would soon begin to feel his spirit, anger and all, wouldn't I? But the key word here is "all". His anger is very, very small compared to the fullness of his spirit, isn't it?

When I feel all of the man's spirit, what happens to his anger?

You guessed it. His anger begins to dissipate. The much larger part of his spirit, the part that dissipates his anger energy, is now being brought into his feeling awareness by virtue of my feeling it. In fact, this is technically known as a "miracle." He was angry. Now he is unable to hold onto his anger.

Other examples?

Maybe my ego would tell me about someone, "She is totally full of fear. Don't go near her." Yet by feeling her spirit in its fullness, her fear begins to turn into trust and confidence.

Perhaps my ego would have me shun feeling a man's pain. But when I allow myself to feel his spirit his pain is soon replaced by peace and serenity.

Although my ego might cringe at the idea of feeling a distraught man's death wish, by feeling the fullness of his true spirit his death wish becomes a wish for life.

When a wish for death becomes a desire for life ... that's a miracle.

So this week I make myself a miracle worker in yet another respect. I train myself to feel the spirit of other people in all kinds of situations.

As I awaken each day this week, I thank my lucky stars that I am a miracle worker and I repeat a few times aloud a statement of this week's lesson:

"All during the day today I practice feeling the spirit of others in all situations."

Each hour of the day I take a 5 minute break to review my progress. During the hour just ended, did I take the time to feel the spiritual presence of those around me? In cases where I felt the presence of others, what were the results? Did people seem closer and more connected to me? Did I see any miracles occur, any changes of attitude or circumstances?

During these 5 minute review periods I take a moment to re-dedicate myself to my practice for the coming hour. I might say in my mind a few times a statement like:

"During this coming hour I REALLY feel the spirit of others in all cases."

At the end of the day I prepare myself for sleep by taking 20 full minutes for meditation. During this meditation I don't attempt to feel anyone in particular, but allow myself to feel the spirit of the whole world. If I'm going to be a miracle worker, I might as well bring healing to the whole world, right?

Before falling asleep I feel grateful towards myself. If I'm healing others with my meditations and my miracles, I am healing myself also ... and such a healing is worthy of gratitude.

I might even say to myself a few times before falling to sleep:

"If I feel the spirit of others TOTALLY ... I'm in bliss!"

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