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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 32

"My inner peace heals all relationships!"

How many times have I thought to myself that I really would like to be peaceful inside?

How many times have I thought that I really, really, really, really, really, really, really want to be peaceful inside?

How many times have I thought, maybe not paying much attention to what I'm thinking, that peace doesn't matter ... that it doesn't matter if I'm angry, fearful, frustrated, discouraged, depressed, or vengeful?

Psychologists say many people will tell you they want inner peace, but not many people really want inner peace with all their heart and soul and mind in this moment ... otherwise they would experience peace in this moment, since peace is who they are at the deepest level inside.

Peace is merely a choice. Many people who think they are about to die give up all concerns of this world and in doing so experience what is called "unbelievable peace."

This is the same peace Paul writes about in the Bible, a peace "which passeth all understanding." Spiritual teachers of all religions and no religion have always taught this peace is inside us, ours for the asking.

Do I want peace enough to ask for it with all my heart and soul and all my being?

When I've had enough of pain, sickness, suffering and death ... will I finally ask for peace with all my heart and soul?

If I do choose to experience this unbelievable peace, how will my peace affect others around me? This is the million dollar question with respect to relationships. Will the peace I have chosen for myself throw others into turmoil? Or will the peace I have chosen for myself bring peace to others also?

The answer is in the riddle: What causes healing while being contagious?

If I ever need a doctor or nurse, I want a doctor or nurse who is peaceful inside, true or false?

So this week I want to call upon not the inner peace of another, but my own inner peace. I want to bring forth my inner peace, to experience my inner peace as never before.

Each day upon awakening I allow myself 20 full minutes for meditation. During meditation I call upon the peace inside myself, asking:

"Peace? Are you there? What do you feel like? I want to feel you as never before!"

During each day in my mind I say to everyone I talk to, everyone I hear about, everyone I see ... even to animals, trees, and all living things:

"My peace I give to you! My peace brings you healing!"

I say this in my mind as many times as I can during the day, a hundred times an hour if possible, but never just rote, always with deep meaning.

At the end of the day I again allow myself a meditative period during which I review the day's progress. Was I able to choose my inner peace and hold onto my inner peace all day long? When giving my peace to others, what results did I observe? Did I find myself a better person for all of this? Did my relationships improve?

Before falling asleep I allow myself to feel awash in gratitude and visualize my peace healing the entire world. I say one last time for the day the statement of this week's lesson:

"My inner peace heals ALL relationships! Yes!"

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