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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 31

"I have no need to be right ...
so relationships are easy and fun!"

A relationship which is experiencing even the most minor difficulty must have one of the relationship partners wanting to be right about something. If neither relationship partner has any vested interest in being right, then oneness is experienced and the relationship is fine.

Spiritual teachers say it this way: "Would you rather be right ... or happy?"

Happiness is by far the better choice. How could I ever be sure I was right about anything anyway? My human perception is hopelessly limited. I have no idea what is really going on.

Even if I had a slight glimmer of what is really going on, I could only judge with my past learning which is hopelessly inadequate for any kind of meaningful judgment. After all, if my past learning had been correct, I would already be living in constant blissful happiness.

If I were lucky enough to be right about anything, it would be just that ... pure luck. So my best bet, especially with respect to relationships, is to tell myself I know nothing.

This week I want to train my mind to know nothing. Some would judge this to be "crazy," backwards from what the world would advise. But let me remember that if the world's teaching was on the right track, then the world wouldn't be so full of pain, sickness, and death. So maybe what enlightened spiritual teachers teach is not a bad idea.

If I'm not absolutely perfectly at peace inside ... then I need teaching, don't I? But thinking I already know something effectively blocks any teaching I might really need, doesn't it? Therefore, if I could reach a state of mind where I literally know nothing, then I would have nothing in my mind to block being taught what I really need to be taught.

So each day this week upon awakening I say to myself aloud over and over again until I start to feel the truth of it:

"All throughout the day today, I make myself happy and teachable by knowing nothing."

Then each hour during the day I take 5 minutes to monitor my progress. Did I choose to hold onto "being right" during the last hour? Or did I surrender my need to be right and relax into knowing nothing? Can I picture myself surrendering even more during the coming hour?

To prepare myself for the coming hour, I say aloud to myself a few times, perhaps visualizing while saying it, a statement of surrender such as:

"I really don't know what any of this is for."

"I don't know what is best for me or anyone else."

"By not knowing anything, I'm wide open to possibilities."

At the end of the day I take a longer review period and see if I can remember what it feels like to not have to be right and what it feels like to admit I really know nothing.

Before falling to sleep I rejoice that I don't have to be the cause of relationship problems by insisting that I'm right or that I know better. I rejoice that instead I can be the solution.

Before falling asleep I allow myself to feel great happiness because I can literally produce problem-free relationships. I say one more time the statement of this week's lesson:

"I have no need to be right ... so relationships are easy and fun!"

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