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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 28

"My spirituality enhances all my relationships!"

As I launch into the second half of this course, I want to rededicate myself to the one endeavor that is really going to improve all my relationships: my spiritual opening.

I remind myself that being spiritual is not the same as being religious. Whether I profess any religion or no religion, whether I am a believer in God or an atheist, my spirituality can still shine brightly on all relationships in my life.

Living spiritually means being in touch with my inner spiritual wisdom and strength, being honest with my inner spiritual self, and allowing my inner spiritual love and joy to radiate to everyone.

Such spirituality is more than just a positive attitude, isn't it?

Many people never look quite far enough to see the tricky aspects of spirituality. For example, it is spiritually dishonest to say I'm unhappy. Let's say I'm putting myself through some very painful lessons and say, "Oh, no! This is really, really hurting me!" Yet if I stop resisting the pain long enough to re-establish my awareness of my inner spiritual self, I find that my spirit is nothing but inner peaceful happiness, and this awareness eases the pain and brings healing.

Extending outward, my spirit also brings ease of pain and healing to others, doesn't it? It's easy to see relief happening when someone else, a relationship partner for example, is in pain and I am able to respond to that person not from my ego but from my inner peace.

What if I could see how my spirituality brings healing to everyone around me and enhances all relationships? I will clearly see this as a result of this week's practice.

Each day this week upon awakening I will say to myself aloud a few times a statement of dedication and reminder:

"I really, really dedicate myself more than ever to spiritual opening, knowing that my spirituality enhances all my relationships!"

As I go through my day whenever I am in contact with or think about another person I ask myself questions like:

"How would my spirit see this person?"

"What would my spirit say to this person?"

"How would my spirit connect with this person?"

The idea is to develop the habit of constantly being in touch with my spirit and opening to greater expression of spirit through constant practice.

Each hour I take a few moments to monitor my progress during the previous hour. Have I been asking inside? Have I been following my spiritual promptings? What new feelings have I felt? What positive effects have I noticed in myself and others?

Before retiring for the day, I take a few minutes to remember each person I had contact with during the day, no matter how brief and incidental the contact, and say to myself about each:

"My spirit brings something wonderful to you (name the person) and to both of us!"

Before falling to sleep I feel great relief that my spirit knows how to nourish all relationships, and great joy that I am choosing to open spiritually more than ever. I say to myself one last time for the day:

"My spirit is thrilled to enhance all relationships for me!"

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