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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 27

"I imagine the world taking a quantum leap into happier relationships!"

I have learned so far in this course that one of the reasons the "magic" wears off in romantic relationships is the pursuit of ego-vested interests.

Since my ego is an illusory self-identification developed in mind for the very purpose of perceiving myself as separate (newborn babies have little or no ego), and a sense of separation sabotages relationships....

What if I could reach the point where my ego, my self-identification, was not the most important aspect of my existence? What if my ego could become extremely unimportant compared to my spirit?

Well, the reduction of the importance of the ego is the very purpose of this course and the undoing of ego is what is destined to lift the quality of all relationships everywhere in the world.

In last week's lesson it was hinted that the more people who are working the lessons of this course, the easier it will be for me to have an uplifted relationship. What if leaping into an uplifted relationship was not only easy, but automatic?

Since the whole world is energy constantly re-arranging itself, a certain "critical mass" could and will be reached of so many people subduing their egos that the entire world leaps up to a level of much higher quality relationships ... automatically.

Any device I could promote for undoing the ego's influence and increasing the experience of spirit would serve to move the world's energy toward this critical mass.

Amazing as it might seem, one such device is my own imagination. If I can really, REALLY, REALLY imagine the whole world catapulting up into much happier relationships, there is not much that can keep it from happening, is there?

So this week I devote myself to consciously imagining.

Each day this week upon awakening, I allow myself 20 minutes for visualization. I visualize the whole world experiencing a quantum leap into relationship glory that would have been thought impossible. What that picture looks like I will not decide in advance. I will simply ask and let it be given to my mind as a vision. I allow myself to see the vision clearly and feel its effects.

During the day I practice opening my heart and seeing things joined in oneness, much the way it would appear if I've made up the whole world in my imagination anyway.

The heart opening part I accomplish by as often as I can remember during the day saying not aloud but in my mind to everything and everybody, "I love you!"

Once I've said "I love you!" often enough to cause a shift in the way I'm seeing things, I pay attention to how everything and everybody really is joined in one energy. I might tell myself some such statement as:

"What if I really HAVE made this all up in my mind?"

The goal here is not only to be in love and see things differently than usual, but to coax into my mind a glimpse of how powerfully creative my imagination really is. Hoping to train my mind for this transcendent glimpse, I practice seeing this way as often as is practical during the week.

Then before retiring each day I again use an entire 20 minute meditation for my visualization exercise ... again asking for the vision and holding onto whatever vision I receive of the world taking a quantum leap in quality of relationships.

Before falling to sleep I remind myself how really happy I am underneath any surface appearances of unhappiness and say one more time for the day the statement of this week's lesson:

"I imagine the world taking a quantum leap into happier relationships."

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