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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 26

"By helping others to joyous relationships my own relationship blossoms!"

This course has been teaching me we are all in this together. In other words, one person's happiness increases every one's happiness. One couple's happiness in relationship expands the happiness of all relationships.

There is but one energy. If I'm blossoming into happiness, other blossoms are opening also. If others are beginning to glow, the glowing inside myself cannot long be contained.

This means that the more people who create highly evolved relationships in terms of happiness and deep soul satisfaction, the easier it is for my own relationships to rise to levels of fulfillment never before imagined.

Helping other people to have better relationships is definitely one of my goals, for it very much serves my own self-interest and happiness.

One of the best ways to help a great many people have better relationships is to spread the word about the existence of this course. This course is free of charge and invariably helps anyone who practices the lessons. The more people who are taking this course, the better for me and everyone.

But it's much more than just that, isn't it? There are definite psychological effects within myself when I help others find out about the existence of this course.

For one thing, the learning of any truth becomes more deeply integrated inside myself if I am committed to helping others find out about the same truth. My ego says to itself, "There is REALLY a commitment here, so I'd better not try to treat this frivolously."

Then far more than even that there is an immediate spiritual opening that comes with giving of this kind.

When Jesus had opened his disciples to a certain degree he advised them, "Go out and tell others that there is incredibly good news!" He told them this because he knew that his disciples would open up further than ever by virtue of the giving ... whether or not anybody ever took heed of their good news.

An example is seen in the LDS (Mormon) Church which sends thousands of young missionaries out into the world every month. Yes, their church has grown rapidly. But the greatest value of their spreading the word is the transformation that takes place inside these young men and women while they are in the missionary field, the spiritual transformation that takes place inside oneself when one is giving the good news about something that could be helpful to others.

So this week to celebrate the approximate mid-year of these lessons I dedicate myself as never before to evangelizing or advertising or networking this course.

Each day this week upon awakening I ask myself:

"How can I let others know about this course?"

Ideas will pop into my mind.

Maybe I will feel guided to write a chain-letter which mentions some wonderful breakthroughs I've had with this course.

Maybe it will cross my mind to dial into a radio talk show.

Maybe I will think about mentioning this course in a talk given in church or school.

I write down every idea that pops into mind and determine to give myself the opportunity to serve by following through on at least some of the ideas. I will do my part in spreading this course.

During the day this week, as I go about my business, I frequently ask myself:

"How can I introduce (this person, these people) to the Relationships Course?"

Whatever answers rise in my mind, I do not hesitate to "do as told," so to speak, knowing that some good, maybe great good, is going to come from willingness to act on my inner promptings.

Before retiring each day this week I devote a full 20 minutes to meditation during which time I visualize this course spreading and spreading to thousands of people. I might even visualize angels gently and lovingly carrying this course all over the world and people everywhere glowing as their relationships improve.

Before falling asleep I notice how much I myself am radiant as a result of helping others in this mission of uplifting relationships. I say to myself a statement like:

"Helping others to joyous relationships is wonderful fun!"

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