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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 25

"I agree quickly and my relationship is healed!"

The purpose of this course is not to advocate any particular religious beliefs or any religion at all. In fact religious beliefs have historically tended to be stumbling blocks to harmonious relationships.

On the other hand, the teachings of true spiritual teachers, be they of any religion or no religion, are often extremely valuable and practical, so much so that this course cannot afford to not use the teachings of the greatest spiritual teachers if it helps create better relationships.

Actually, all really great spiritual teachers teach the same teachings. Whatever Buddha teaches, Jesus teaches. Whatever Lao Tzu teaches, Muktananda teaches. These teachings are called "universal truths."

One incredibly valuable universal truth is that agreement brings on the experience of oneness and we are all in agreement at some deep level despite the appearance of disagreements on the surface. Jesus told his disciples, "Agree with your adversary quickly," by which he really meant something like, "Find the place inside of you where you agree ... and you will feel your oneness. Oneness is everything."

This week I want to practice agreeing quickly. Only my ego would want to disagree and I'm not interested in letting my ego have control. My spirit is totally agreeable and is only interested in agreement.

As I awaken each day this week I spend as much as fifteen minutes preparing my mind for the day's breakthrough agreements. I let my subconscious mind give me pictures of situations that could conceivably arise during the day in which I would be tempted to disagree with someone. With each such situation, I picture myself looking deep inside to a place where I agree.

With each picture in my mind I say to myself:

"I agree in order to feel oneness, and oneness solves everything."

Each hour during the day I take a short five minute period for review of my progress. During the last hour was I tempted to be in disagreement? Did I switch into agreement? Did I feel oneness? Did the situation change for the better? Did healing occur?

At the end of each day, I take a full twenty minute meditation period during which I practice feeling oneness with as many people as come to mind even though they might not be physically present. Whoever comes to mind I simply say:

"At some level (person's name), we are in agreement and it's easy to feel oneness with each other."

I say this until I begin to actually feel the oneness in each case. Strangely enough when I practice feeling oneness with someone I might have disagreed with, the universe tends to re-arrange itself and we find ourselves agreeing.

So I have something to be very grateful for before falling asleep. My whole world is becoming more agreeable. Before sleeping I say to myself a few times a statement of this week's lesson such as:

"I totally love healing my relationships by agreeing quickly!"

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