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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 24

"Free of fear, my relationship glows!"

In earlier lessons of this course, I've worked on releasing guilt, anger, and other ego-based emotions before such emotions have a chance to influence my relationships negatively.

What if I could work inside myself at even deeper levels and eliminate the roots of all these negative emotions?

All negative emotions which damage my relationships and otherwise make life miserable for me derive from one underlying emotion - fear.

What if I could work deep inside myself and eliminate any and all fear that damages relationships?

There are two ways to do this.

One way to become fearless is to look deep, deep inside myself and see that all fear comes from one major root ... the belief that I can somehow be hurt or harmed ... and then focus on the inner realization that only my body could be hurt or harmed, and I am not my body. The full and complete realization that I am a spiritual being dissipates fear.

The second way to eliminate fear is to say, "There must be an extremely higher power than myself working for my highest good, as if my own power is just the tiniest tip of the iceberg. Therefore I have every reason to trust." Trust evaporates fear. Total trust evaporates all fear.

So this week I want to dig deep inside myself and replace root systems of fear with a powerful awareness of my spiritual nature and with a powerful foundation of trust.

Each morning when I awaken I ask myself if there is any fear inside me that would like to rise to the surface and show itself to me.

With whatever fear I see, I use the following affirmation:

"This (name the object of fear) cannot hurt me REALLY."

I say this to myself as many times as it takes to begin to realize the truth of it. I might say it 500 or 600 times over a period of days if need be, but certainly 15 or 20 times over when the fear is first shown to me.

As a spiritual being, nothing can really hurt me, but I'll never convince myself of this truth unless I say it many times over. If I've told myself a million times that I can be hurt by this or that, then the roots of fear have grown deep and it takes a deep retraining of the mind to pull them out.

My ego will say, "Oh yes you can be hurt, so don't believe your spirit when it says you can't be hurt!" But my ego cannot prevail against my spirit forever. Here is something to keep in mind this week:

If I say the truth enough times, even though at first I don't believe it, eventually the truth prevails.

Is that all I have to do?

That's all. Why? Because if I'm telling myself something in my mind ... the world re-arranges itself to prove me right. In this case, pretty soon every event and circumstance I encounter in the world is showing me the truth of what I'm telling myself and powerfully reinforcing the cleansing of my fears and the establishment of my trust.

Throughout the day each day this week I continue with my affirmations of this one simple truth:

"This (name the object of fear) cannot hurt me REALLY."

I can use this same affirmation with each fear that comes up. I don't need to believe it to use it, although I will eventually believe it. But I must force myself to keep saying it if I am to gain the benefits.

The temptation to quit saying this affirmation may be enormous, because all my life I've been taught that I can be hurt or harmed. I must not yield to this temptation. Under no circumstances am I to quit saying this affirmation during this week.

At the end of each day I take some time to feel the power of being fearless. I ask myself:

"What does it FEEL like to have no fear whatsoever?"

I can also use this question with specifics in mind:

"What does it FEEL like to have no fear whatsoever about (a specific situation)?"

The goal here is to get into the feeling of not having any fear or not having any fear with respect to a specific situation. Once the feeling begins to be felt, then the goal is to hold onto the feeling, feeling it more and more completely. I want to feel this for as long as possible each day.

Finally, just before falling to sleep I will allow myself to feel gratitude as I say to myself some restatement of this week's lesson such as:

"Without fear present, my relationships literally glow!"

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