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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 16

"My joy brings me what I really want!"

If I were to think as the world thinks I would believe that achieving my goals or getting what I want produces the experience of joy. But this course is teaching me that the world's thinking is often 180 degrees off base.

What if it is the other way around? What if joy is my natural state and my willingness to experience my natural state of joy is what brings to me everything I really want?

How many times have I discovered that getting what I wanted did not bring me joy, or at least not very long-lasting joy?

How many times have I discovered that getting what I wanted led to problems and had me closing down my joy?

How many times have I discovered that by allowing my innate joy to shine through for no particular reason ... I am surprisingly rewarded with good I couldn't have expected?

Dare I say joy is contagious? Might I say joy attracts like unto itself? Is it reasonable to say joy brings me more good than I could have imagined?

Am I willing to say that if I want the experience of sharing with a perfect partner, I'd better be sharing my joy in order to create that perfect partner in my life?

Am I safe in saying no one ever created a perfect partner using worry, anxiety, fear, or earthly desires?

This week my goal is to bring on the experience of more joy than ever.

Each morning upon awakening I tell myself:

"I am going to experience higher levels of joy today than ever before!"

I say this to myself as many times over as it takes to begin feeling like it will be true. Is this called "programming myself?" Maybe not. Maybe I'm just undoing previous programming that has kept me from feeling unbelievable joy. Maybe it takes no brand new programming at all to feel my natural state, just the undoing of old useless programming.

Each subsequent hour of the day I begin by repeating several times over some statement which reminds me of my goal to feel joy. Examples of such statements might be:

"This coming hour I will feel joy no matter what!"

"For the next hour I will extend my joy to all things!"

"I greet everyone with joy and think of everyone with joy in my heart!"

"Joy is trying to burst open my heart and I am total cooperation!"

Before retiring each day, I will take a peek inside myself to see my joy is increasing. I will be glad and happy knowing that my heart is opening more each day. I might say before sleep:

"The joy inside me is wanting to burst into the open!"

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