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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 11

"My perfect relationship serves a higher purpose!"

With last week's lesson I began to learn a principle which if learned fully deep inside me can eliminate a million and one relationship stresses.

The broadest statement of the principle is this:

If I'm in a relationship for some higher cause than my ego-vested interest, my ego pleasure, or my ego well-being, the relationship will be infinitely more fulfilling than otherwise.

Whereas my spirit simply radiates love and feels no sense of limitation at all, my ego sees only limitation and operates out of fear. When I'm guided by my spirit, relationship problems disappear as if they never were or could be. When I'm guided by my ego, relationship problems multiply endlessly.

The best way to rise above the limitation-thinking and fears of my ego in relationship is to be in a situation where the relationship is serving a higher cause.

In last week's lesson I saw that indeed I am being called to dedicate all my relationships to a higher purpose ... the purpose of bringing more light than ever to earth. But specifically I am being called to bring a new relationship technology and a new level of relationship to earth.

Let's suppose I said to myself, "I'm here now to show the earth a whole new level of relationship that has never before been experienced!"

If I say such a statement often enough and really mean it, what will be created in my life?

Well, since my mind is creative the circumstances will be set-up to make it come true. In other words, I REALLY WILL bring a whole new level of relationship to earth. Which means my relationship is serving a much higher purpose than merely my own ego-vested interests.

My goal this week is to practice getting my mind in the habit of thinking in these terms. I want to train my mind to focus on the higher purpose of my relationship rather than on my own narrow ego-vested interests.

When I wake up each day, I will visualize my perfect relationship to be in the service of a higher purpose, whatever purpose that may be, and say to myself several times over the statement of this week's lesson:

"My perfect relationship serves a higher purpose!"

Then each hour during the day, I listen inside and see if I can come up with specific examples of higher purposes which suit me. I might say something like:

"My perfect relationship serves to show the earth a whole new kind of relationship!"

"My perfect relationship serves to make a million and one people happy!"

"My perfect relationship serves to take people Home spiritually!"

Any statement of higher purpose will work for these exercises. In the old days marriages were contracted to bring together political kingdoms in peace, unite family businesses or financial holdings, join talents for a worthy cause, have babies so souls could embody on earth, etc. Such marriages served higher purposes even though the purposes might seem to some to be too earthly and not spiritual enough.

My higher causes can be heavenly.

I reflect on this at the end of each day as I allow myself before sleeping to visualize a relationship that is not beset by petty difficulties because such difficulties would seem insignificant compared to the wonderful higher purpose the relationship is serving.

As is becoming my habit, I allow myself to let go and feel awash in gratitude just before falling asleep, happy with myself, happy because relationships can be absolutely wonderful, and happy because I'm alive and there are higher purposes to serve.

I might say to myself one last time before sleep something like:

"I will not settle for less. My relationship will serve a purpose higher than imaginable."

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