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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 10

"I am lifting up the entire earth!"

Never in the history of history have people really waited for a perfect heart and soul opening partner to come into their lives to open them up to heaven on earth.

Why is this?

One reason is that populations have been small and communication possibilities limited, so people haven't been able to reach huge numbers of heart and soul opening prospects as easily across continents as is possible today. When it is only feasible to reach a few thousand people or less, the chances of finding perfect heart and soul opening partners are relatively few.

A second reason is more or less related to the first. With changing technology, new information is made available. In the old days, since heart and soul opening partners wouldn't likely find each other anyway, there was little reason to teach people that heart and soul opening partners are ideal.

A third and final reason is that the consciousness of mankind in general has expanded to the point where people can now handle the tremendous power that heart and soul opening partners open each other to. Again, there was never much reason to teach the general population about something most people were not prepared to handle.

So whether I call myself lucky or consider myself blessed, I am living in a day and age when relationships are being raised to a new level all over the earth. Having come into contact with this course, obviously I am choosing to be in the service of this trend. I am one of those who are lifting mankind's relationships higher.

This week I wish to remind myself that in waiting and working for a new and higher kind of relationship I am serving a higher cause ... my own happiness on a far higher level than ever, a level that vastly enhances the happiness of everyone on earth.

To this end when I awaken each day this week, I will visualize the entire earth being uplifted and see myself as helping in this process.

I will also repeat to myself aloud several times over, until I begin to feel it true, a statement of this week's lesson:

"It's not just me! I'm lifting the entire earth higher!"

Then each hour during the day I do much the same. I close my eyes for 3 or 4 minutes each hour and visualize the entire earth being lifted up in consciousness. I see myself as part of the process by virtue of my commitment to my own relationship happiness.

Then I say aloud to myself a few times some statement related to this week's lesson. Some example statements might be:

"I am not alone in this! I am taking everyone home!"

"By waiting for the highest relationship I lift up all relationships the world over!"

"The tremendous fulfillment I find in relationship teaches the whole world the glory of fulfillment!"

Any statement which comes to mind related to the week's lesson is a good statement for practice.

Then before retiring each day this week, I take a 15 minute meditation time to see and feel myself loving everyone the world over. I realize that in addition to assuring my own future happiness, I'm working this relationships course because I love everyone in the world.

Just before falling asleep I smile and say to myself:

"This business of lifting up the world is fun!"

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