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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 9

"For me, there are not a lot of fish in the sea!"

How many times have I heard people who are at the end of their rope with a relationship partner say something like: "There are other fish in the sea!"

Playboys and playgirls operate as if there are many, many fish in the sea ... but they never reach any significant level of fulfillment in relationship. The more fish ... the less meaningful fulfillment.

Young people in our modern age have the attitude that there are quite a few fish in the sea. Young men and women can be heard saying things like, "Oh, there are lots of eligible marriage partners!"

While this modern attitude is not as personally self-destructive as the attitude of the playboy or playgirl, it nonetheless serves to create millions of unhappy marriages or at least marriages which fall far short of the depths of heart and soul fulfillment. What passes for a "happy marriage" in modern times is often nowhere near the deep, exquisite, all-encompassing happiness that is possible in relationship.

If I want the unbelievably happy relationship I deserve, there really aren't very many fish in the sea for me at all.

One man tells the story that in nearly a twenty year period he could remember meeting only three or four true heart and soul opening partners ... none of them available for marriage.

Perhaps this man was not actively advertising for or praying for a heart and soul opening partner.

Perhaps he was thinking or acting in a way which blocked heart and soul opening partners from coming into his life.

Perhaps he was simply preparing himself, placing first things first.

Nonetheless, it would seem that available heart and soul opening partners might be as rare as 1-in-25,000. Maybe it's true, the old romantic idea that there is only one perfect partner for me in the entire earth.

Should these odds be discouraging to me? Not at all. All the energy of the entire universe is at work trying to bring about a meeting between me and a perfect heart and soul opening partner. All I have to do is stay out of relationships which would not open me spiritually the way a perfect heart and soul opening partner would open me ... and simply wait. It's "Sleepless in Seattle" all over again.

So this week my goal is to weaken in my mind the idea that there are many fish in the sea and strengthen my trust that a heart and soul opening partner who would be perfect for me is coming my way if I do not sabotage the natural process.

To this end as I awaken each day this week I spend a few minutes visualizing a more perfect heart and soul opening partner than I could have dreamed possible moving closer and closer to me. I see the two of us being nudged ever closer to our inevitable meeting by all events of the universe.

As an affirmation to start my day, I say aloud to myself a few times, until it begins to feel true for me:

"There are not a lot of fish in the sea for me! I'll be infinitely happier if I wait until a perfect partner comes into my life!"

Each hour during the day, I will take a few minutes to repeat to myself aloud any statement which rises in my mind which relates to this week's lesson. Example statements might be:

"I will not settle for less. I will wait for the highest, deepest, and best!"

"There is someone out there who can take me deeper than deep and higher than high. I am happy to wait until we find each other."

"If I just wait ... I'll be rewarded with a relationship that is more like heaven than earth."

Whatever statement comes to mind which is related to this week's theme will serve for my daily exercise.

Before retiring each day this week, I quiet my mind and allow my feelings to expand into enormous gratitude. I thank the universe for re-arranging itself and bringing to me the most wonderful heart and soul opening partner. I thank myself for being willing to wait and for being willing to let all blocks to my exquisite fulfillment be removed.

Before falling asleep I say to myself:

"A lot of fish in the sea would drown my spirit! But there is one who lights up my spirit beyond my wildest dreams!"

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