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Course in Relationship Miracles: Lesson 8

"I surround myself with natural heart and soul opening partners!"

Now that I have committed to my spiritual opening above all else, everything falls into place naturally. Since my whole world re-arranges itself to serve my greatest goal, each relationship in my life will now serve the purpose of opening me spiritually. Now I'm flying!

Now I can peek back towards earth and say, "Okay, in earthly terms, what factors do I look for in a relationship such that the relationship will serve to open me up more fully than I've ever been opened?"

At this point I learn about heart and soul opening partners.

I am slowly learning that outer circumstances are a reflection of inner states. But perhaps I do not yet understand how completely true this is. Ancient wisdom declares, "As within, so without." What if this is thoroughly true?

What if even the sun and moon in outer space are like unto a sun and moon in inner space inside myself? A crazy idea? Maybe not. Maybe there is more to what is really going on than meets the eye?

At any rate, ancient wise men and women devised a way to talk about inner space in terms of outer space. This ancient wisdom has been thoroughly lost until recently when one or two very important principles known by ancients and having to do with relationships have once again been revealed.

In particular, when my heart is fully open it radiates spiritual light brighter than the brightest sun, and when my soul is cleansed and purified it becomes as powerful in its effects as the fullest of full moons.

Furthermore, a relationship with a heart and soul opening partner is the greatest possible relationship for potential spiritual opening. If other factors do not cast a shadow on the interaction, the natural energies of a heart and soul opening partner literally "take me to heaven".

If I want to be opened fully spiritually and I want the most heavenly experience possible in a relationship, then I should wish for and watch for a heart and soul opening partner in my life.

It goes without saying that a highly enlightened spiritual teacher can open my heart, my soul, and everything else that needs opening spiritually. I could do no better than to be very close to such a teacher and dwell within the influence of such a teacher's energy.

But what if I am still very interested in earthly relationships, friendships, maybe even romance? How can I find out if someone's natural energies open my heart and soul? I can pay attention to my heart and my solar plexus area when I am around this person.

Do I find myself opening to so much love without even trying to love, my heart feels so comfortable it's almost as if my heart and the other person's heart is the same heart? I've probably found a heart-opening partner.

Do I notice that my solar plexus really feels comfortable with this person as if deep down on a soul level we are one, or have something in common? Maybe I've found a soul-opening partner.

And since I've prayed for spiritual opening, it will not be long before I draw into my life someone whose energies are for me both heart and soul opening.

In the meantime, this week I thank my lucky stars that heart and soul opening partners exist for me. When I awaken each day this week, I use as an affirmation a statement of this week's lesson:

"I draw natural heart and soul opening partners into my life and surround myself with heart and soul opening partners."

As I say this to myself a few times, I visualize people being drawn into my life whose natural energies really open up my heart and soul. I even feel my heart and soul (solar plexus center) opening wide as I practice the lesson.

During the day each day I pay attention to the aura of the people I meet. How do their energies make me feel ... open or closed?

Each hour I say a few times the statement of this week's lesson:

"I draw natural heart and soul opening partners into my life and surround myself with heart and soul opening partners."

If someone's energy especially seems to light me up for no apparent reason that I can judge, I allow myself to extend to that someone great love and respect. Chances are we are both going to feel open and happy hanging out together.

Before retiring each day this week, I rejoice because my heart and soul are opening and because people are being drawn into my life who help me with this process merely by virtue of their natural energies.

I ask myself a few times:

"What does it feel like to have my HEART fully open?"

Then I hold my mind and my being very still and see if I can feel a fully heart opened feeling.

Next I ask a few times:

"What does it feel like to have my SOUL fully open?"

Again, I quiet my mind and my whole being ... and allow the feeling.

Before falling asleep, I try to hold my heart and soul open as much as I can, feeling as much joy and fulfillment as I will allow myself to feel. I might even say to myself:

"This heart and soul opening is fun! Thank you angels!"

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