"Free of fear, I glow!
This joyous, loving flow!
Together now we know,
Together now we grow!"

This course teaches us how to release guilt, anger, and other ego-based emotions before such emotions have a chance to disrupt our relationships.

This course also leads us to work at even deeper levels inside ourselves to disable the root generator of all these sabotaging emotions.

Every negative emotion which damages our relationships and otherwise makes life miserable for us rises out of one underlying core emotion - fear. Therefore, any and all emotions which damage relationships can be eliminated when we give ourselves the gift of working deep inside ourselves to release fear.

There are two ways to release fear.

The most thorough way to become fearless is to look deep, deep inside ourselves and see that all fear comes from one underlying major ego belief ... the belief that we can somehow be hurt or harmed. Such a belief can then be neutralized by focusing on the inner realization that only bodies could be hurt or harmed, and we are not bodies, not really. Our true spiritual nature is invulnerable.

For a time we experience bodies, but we are actually spiritual beings. The more we give ourselves permission to experience ourselves as spiritual beings, the less we fear. A full and complete deep level realization that we are spiritual beings dissipates fear altogether.

Great saints teach us to say, "I am not a body. I am free. I am just as God created me." If we really experienced ourselves as God created us we'd be home free, right?

This leads into the second way to eliminate fear in case we are not ready to fully experience ourselves as spiritual beings. If we are still tempted to think as little human egos, we are guided to feel the reality that there is an extremely, immeasurably greater power than ourselves working for our highest good, as if our own little human power is just the tiniest tip of the iceberg. When such an understanding becomes very real for us, we have every reason to trust." Trust evaporates fear. Total trust vaporizes all fear.

The lessons of this course use many techniques which work on us to build great trust, and lead us eventually to experience ourselves as the spiritual beings we are.  When fear is released, the love and joy and inner peace which rises from within seems almost overwhelming and truly miraculous. We glow ... and our glow permeates, heals, and makes wonderful all our relationships.

Also available free of charge online:
Course in Political Miracles

"I do not ignore eternal relationship truths!"

Relationships are not what they once were. In some ways relationships have improved from the old days. People have learned to communicate better in recent years, there is less manipulation and control in relationships nowadays, and people are no longer terrified to let go of nonproductive arrangements.

But in the rush to modernize relationships, time-honored values have sometimes been flushed down the drain, babies thrown out with the bathwater so to speak, leading to more relationship problems than necessary.

A good relationships course would have its students asking:

"What are the natural inbred values which, if ignored in relationships, render the relationship unnatural and therefore ultimately pain-producing?"

This course does not attempt to tell us what these values are, but rather gently reminds us there are such values and invites us to discover them for ourselves.

Maybe women have some natural genetically influenced traits which cannot be ignored in relationships. Maybe for relationships to work best men cannot be who they are not designed to be. Maybe there are certain relationship truths which our ancestors always knew instinctively and which cannot be thrown out even though we have new relationship technology.

So if we want happy, fulfilling relationships, we need to ask these kinds of questions and seek answers inside ourselves where the answers to all questions dwell. We need to ask sincerely to be shown what are the natural and inherent truths of relationships which can only be denied at risk.

If we like spiritual language we can call our asking "prayer" or "meditation."

If we think of ourselves as more scientifically inclined we can call ourselves "dedicated investigators." Even scientists admit that answers to great questions are more often than not heard inside themselves with inner hearing rather than figured out by intellectual means. Many years ago the head of the Physics Department at a famous university announced a tremendous breakthrough in the understanding of subatomic physics. The announced breakthrough did not come from his team of scientists who had worked many years with no results. The breakthrough was given to him by a young man whose habit it was to sit on the roof of his house, smoke marijuana, and converse with "visitors from outer space."

Some would say it's a sad state of affairs when visitors from outer space have to feed us our scientific breakthroughs. Others would say it's been that way all along. If there were such a thing as visitors from outer space, they themselves would probably say, "Who do you think is writing this relationships course?"

The truth is perhaps closer to home. Maybe inner space is outer space and the inspirations that have always been given to scientists, inventors, writers and artists have come from within. Perhaps "visitors from outer space" are visiting flashes of enlightenment from inner space.

At any rate, if we want wonderful relationships we need to seek relationship answers we may never previously have looked deep enough inside ourselves to see. We need to be alert, to watch, to listen inside ... and to pay attention to answers rising from within.

It is said that all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty together again. It is very helpful to imagine Humpty is our relationships and the king's power is modern relationship science, valuable but not in itself enough to accomplish our goal. On the other hand, those who have a habit of looking deep inside ourselves can be heard proclaiming almost every day:

"What a joy to discover truth for myself and live by it! What an incredible joy!"

Also available free of charge online:
Course in Political Miracles