Lesson 1: "I deserve a relationship which seems like heaven on earth."
Lesson 2: "I am fully capable of creating a perfect relationship."
Lesson 3: "First happiness, then a relationship."
Lesson 4: "My commitment to my own happiness brings me the relationship I want."
Lesson 5: "It does NOT take two to tango!"
Lesson 6: "I TOTALLY commit to creating a perfect relationship!"
Lesson 7: "Nothing brings better relationships than my own spiritual opening!"
Lesson 8: "I surround myself with natural heart and soul opening partners!"
Lesson 9: "For me, there are not a lot of fish in the sea!"
Lesson 10: "I am lifting up the entire earth!"
Lesson 11: "My perfect relationship serves a higher purpose!"
Lesson 12: "There is nothing I need do but wait...and see what happens!"
Lesson 13: "Signs and signals are everywhere!"
Lesson 14: "Whatever I REALLY need is what I have!"
Lesson 15: "By giving of my heart and soul I sustain oneness!"
Lesson 16: "My joy brings me what I really want!"
Lesson 17: "Self-honesty brings me what I really, really want!"
Lesson 18: "I look away from my ego and toward my spirit for guidance!"
Lesson 19: "My good comes from one source only,I am staying in-touch with source!"
Lesson 20: "My open heart heals relationships!"
Lesson 21: "Free of guilt, my relationship thrives!"
Lesson 22: "Replacing worry with trust gives me the relationship I want!"
Lesson 23: "I burn up anger before it burns up my relationship!"
Lesson 24: "Free of fear, my relationship glows!"
Lesson 25: "I agree quickly and my relationship is healed!"
Lesson 26: "By helping others to joyous relationships my own blossoms!"
Lesson 27: "I imagine the world taking a quantum leap into happier relationships!"
Lesson 28: "My spirituality enhances all my relationships!"
Lesson 29: "Meditation nourishes my relationships!"
Lesson 30: "With careful listening I heal my relationship!"
Lesson 31: "I have no need to be right, so relationships are easy and fun!"
Lesson 32: "My inner peace heals all relationships!"
Lesson 33: "Everything is just exactly as it should be!"
Lesson 34: "I fill my life with heart and soul opening partners!"
Lesson 35: "I expect miracles and they happen all around me!"
Lesson 36: "I practice feeling the spirit of others!"
Lesson 37: "Relationships are not what they seem to be!"
Lesson 38: "I do not jump eagerly into solving new relationship problems!"
Lesson 39: "It's okay with me if my relationship does not last forever!"
Lesson 40: "The only tightrope I walk is the peace line!"
Lesson 41: "I do not ignore eternal relationship truths!"
Lesson 42: "I stay grounded and my relationships stay high!"
Lesson 43: "I see my relationship partner now ... with no past!"
Lesson 44: "My relationships are clean of harmful fantasies!"
Lesson 45: "There is nothing which cannot be forgiven!"
Lesson 46: "Nothing can upset me if I am seeing clearly!"
Lesson 47: "My superb health keeps my relationships vital!"
Lesson 48: "My relationship is served by enlightened self-interest!"
Lesson 49: "My relationships are out of this world when I am serving others!"
Lesson 50: "My relationships are enhanced by spiritual teachers and books!"
Lesson 51: "Deep and careful inner hearing solves every problem!"
Lesson 52: "The end is in sight!"

Also available free of charge online:
Course in Political Miracles

"Free of fear, I glow!
This joyous, loving flow!
Together now we know,
Together now we grow!"

This course teaches us how to release guilt, anger, and other ego-based emotions before such emotions have a chance to disrupt our relationships.

This course also leads us to work at even deeper levels inside ourselves to disable the root generator of all these sabotaging emotions.

Every negative emotion which damages our relationships and otherwise makes life miserable for us rises out of one underlying core emotion - fear. Therefore, any and all emotions which damage relationships can be eliminated when we give ourselves the gift of working deep inside ourselves to release fear.

There are two ways to release fear.

The most thorough way to become fearless is to look deep, deep inside ourselves and see that all fear comes from one underlying major ego belief ... the belief that we can somehow be hurt or harmed. Such a belief can then be neutralized by focusing on the inner realization that only bodies could be hurt or harmed, and we are not bodies, not really. Our true spiritual nature is invulnerable.

For a time we experience bodies, but we are actually spiritual beings. The more we give ourselves permission to experience ourselves as spiritual beings, the less we fear. A full and complete deep level realization that we are spiritual beings dissipates fear altogether.

Great saints teach us to say, "I am not a body. I am free. I am just as God created me." If we really experienced ourselves as God created us we'd be home free, right?

This leads into the second way to eliminate fear in case we are not ready to fully experience ourselves as spiritual beings. If we are still tempted to think as little human egos, we are guided to feel the reality that there is an extremely, immeasurably greater power than ourselves working for our highest good, as if our own little human power is just the tiniest tip of the iceberg. When such an understanding becomes very real for us, we have every reason to trust." Trust evaporates fear. Total trust vaporizes all fear.

The lessons of this course use many techniques which work on us to build great trust, and lead us eventually to experience ourselves as the spiritual beings we are.  When fear is released, the love and joy and inner peace which rises from within seems almost overwhelming and truly miraculous. We glow ... and our glow permeates, heals, and makes wonderful all our relationships.

Also available free of charge online:
Course in Political Miracles